Christopher Eccleston was a guest on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show earlier today. During the interview he discussed his time on Doctor Who and was asked about a possible return. Hear his response in the player above (don’t get your hopes up).

Christopher Eccleston in The Shadow Line
Christopher Eccleston in Accused
Steven Moffat – Graham Norton interview


  1. I'm sure McGann would LOVE to do it, and he deserves more screen time, anyway! I say a Fiftieth Anniversary show with Eight, Ten, Matt Smith and that guy from Dead Ringers who impersonates Tom Baker! 😉

  2. Or the real Tom Baker, if he's up to it. Peter Davison and Colin Baker would probably return and Sylvester McCoy, I believe, has said he's already talked to the Who crew about the 50th anniversary.
    McGann hasn't argued against returning, but he has stated that he'd never wear the wig again. He never did like that wig.
    Tennant and Smith should be no trouble at all.

  3. @Anon 4 Tom Baker is notorious for not reprising his role. He had signed on for a multi-doctor special, but right before it started filming he dropped out and they had to use a mannequin, so it's not likely he'd come back.

  4. @Anon5Tom Baker has reprised the role. He has done two audio series, Hornets Nest and Demons Nest, and he has announced he is now prepared to work with Big Finish on more audio Who.
    He had never signed up for the Five Doctors special, in fact he turned it down flat as he felt it was too early to return to the role so soon after his departure. The mannequin was used for Radio Times publicity shots as he still appeared in the special by using footage from the unbroadcast 'Shada'


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