Doctor Who Magazine took to Twitter this morning to reveal their next cover and it’s a momentous one. Issue #516 sees incoming Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker make her cover debut. The long-running publication will also publish their first interview with the actor, no doubt the first of many.

Last month Jodie Whittaker was revealed to be the actor selected to take over from departing Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi this Christmas. She is the first female actor to take on the role of the enigmatic Time Lord. Doctor Who Magazine of course covered the announcement in Issue #515. Whilst her first appearance is still months away, Jodie Whittaker will make her cover debut for the world’s No 1 biggest-selling sci-fi magazine this month. Doctor Who Magazine will publish their first interview with the cover star and Thirteenth Doctor in Issue #516 available later this week.

In part of the interview, Jodie shares her feelings about becoming the Thirteenth Doctor saying, “Chris [Chibnall] wouldn’t have cast me as the Doctor because he wanted me to repeat anything that had gone before. And I think as a fan you don’t want to watch something that’s an imitation of something that’s gone before. Or what would be the point of recasting?”

Whittaker can currently be seen on screens in BBC One drama ‘Trust Me’, which is available now on the BBC iPlayer. Check out our preview of Episode 3 here.

Doctor Who Magazine #516

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is also momentous as it sees Marcus Hearn debut publication as Editor. Also revealed by the cover are features including the work of monster makers Millennium FX and a peek at the sketch pad of Russell T Davies. The former Executive Producer has illustrated a new book of Time Lord prose which is out next month. Check out our preview here. Classic William Hartnell story from 1964 ‘The Aztecs’ will also be feature in the new issue.

And there’s more…..

DWM asks what the arrival of Jodie Whittaker means for the future of Doctor Who.
NICHOLAS BRIGGS AND THE CYBERMEN – Nicholas Briggs reveals the secrets of giving voice to the Mondasian Cybermen.
HANK MARVIN – Legendary Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin discusses his surprising links to the Doctor Who theme.
TREVOR BAXTER – DWM pays tribute to the late Trevor Baxter, who played Professor Litefoot in 1977’s The Talons of Weng-Chiang, with contributions from Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Christopher Benjamin, Lisa Bowerman and more…
THE PARLIAMENT OF FEAR – A brand-new comic strip adventure continues for the Doctor and Bill.
TRAIL OF A TIME LORD – An exclusive extract from Red, White and Who, the forthcoming book about the history of the series in the United States.
PLUS! Previews, book and audio reviews, news, the Watcher’s column, prize-winning competitions and much, much more.

Doctor Who Magazine #516 is on sale from Thursday 24th August, price £5.99. 

The latest Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: Referencing the Doctor is also available now, priced £5.99.


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