The new issue of Doctor Who magazine is out on the November 17th and it’s another celebratory edition.

Even though we have no Who on out tellies it seems we still have plenty to celebrate. The Cybermen have had their big birthday, we have seen the return of a much-missed episode in ‘The Power of the Daleks’ and now it’s time to celebrate why. Happy Birthday, Patrick Troughton!

Doctor Who magazine are going back over the 50 years since the second Doctor arrived on our screens back in November 1966 with a look at how the cosmic hobo changed everything.

There is also a look at the Daleks ‘renewal’ in an article simply titled ‘Power’, a look at another constant presence for the Doctor – the TARDIS and the life of Peter Brachacki, creator of the Doctors best friend along with DWM’s choice for another classic return – ‘Fury from the Deep’.

But it’s not all Classic Who as Russell T Davies reveals some fascinating facts about the 2005 Christopher Eccleston episode ‘The End of the World’.

All this is crammed into another great issue along with all the usual reviews, competitions, previews of the latest Doctor Who audio and book releases and more.

Doctor Who Magazine #506 goes on sale on Thursday, 17th November. Price £5.99 UK and $11.99 in the US.



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