Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 500
Doctor Who Magazine – Issue 500


It is a blast from the past.  The Doctor Who Magazine is celebrating it’s 500th issue with a special edition cover where Peter Capaldi recreates the iconic post from DWM Issue 1.  First published  on the 11th October 1979, Doctor Who Magazine featured the fourth Doctor Tom Baker alongside his great enemy, the Dalek.

Doctor Who Magazine was first published as a weekly magazine for 12p.  It was and has been the fan’s ultimate companion to the long running BBC series.  The place where you can always find the latest new about the Doctor, his companions and the details from behind the scenes.  During the dark years when Doctor Who was no longer in production, the magazine kept everyone in touch with the world of the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Tom Baker is back for this edition in what he describes as his last ever interview.  He adds, “500 is a big milestone, and I’m sure you’re right to want to mark it BIG. Your magazine has been extremely good to me, and has helped to create a warm and faithful fanbase for the programme. I am still signing first editions. After all these years”.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 1
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 1

The 500th issue includes two exclusive interviews with Peter Capaldi along with a rare interview with the first Doctor William Hartnell written by an eleven year old fan. The 116 page magazine is packaged in a striking card envelope. There are articles with current Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat and a special  letter from Pearl Mackie, the Doctor’s new companion Bill.

Commenting on the magazine’s success, Peter says, “The magazine was enormously helpful to me. When I started playing the Doctor I was able to get piles of them and dive in. I went out and bought lots of Doctor Who Magazines, because I deliberately wanted to steep myself in Doctor Who and connect – reconnect – to it in a very kind of visceral way, to the affection and the heartbeat of it.’

Remember to pick up your 500th issue.  A certain three people who bought  issue 1 were an eight-year-old David Tennant, 16-year-old Russell T Davies and 17-year-old Steven Moffat.

They still read it today.

Doctor Who Magazine hits newsstands on Thursday 26th May and is priced £9.99.



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