That’s the cover for the next edition of Doctor Who Magazine, issue no. 418. It hits the streets this Thursday in the UK.


  1. You know, I've really liked the new covers so far. Although we've had what, two so far? But in my opinion they actually look much better than the previous style.

  2. Can we get the Magazine in the States? Hmm no magazine support…no action figures. BBC meeds to see about building brand awareness in the states.

  3. I live in the northeast US and I get mine at the local magazine shop or borders, barnes and noble has a nasty habit of not stocking certain magazines. And the subscription is outrageous, i paid 120 a year for Maxim UK, i had to cancel because they wanted to up the price

  4. Regarding DW Magazine. Check if you have a local independently owned comic shop. I get mine from StarClipper in St. Louis. Typically DW comes in a month after it publishes in the UK and often the covers will be different.
    Trust me. I'm the doctor.


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