Here are some tidbits regarding DOCTOR WHO and both its spin off series from the latest edition of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, Issue 399.

• NO Children In Need special this year. This puts to bed one of the rumours from THIS post though RTD does say, “… we hope to have some presence on the actual night.”

• First special in 2009 is being referred to as the “Easter” special (backing up one of the rumours from the round~up a few days ago). This RUSSELL T DAVIES story is co~written with GARETH ROBERTS and includes a “new monster”.

• CATHERINE TATE to return? If asked she would “jump at the chance” and “anything is possible”.

• Series 2 has finished filming and due to hit screens in the UK in “late September”. There are 12 episodes comprising of 6 two~parters; one of which is a sequel to an earlier SJA story and and another a sequel to a DW story.

• Episode titles as follows:

The Last Sontaran by Phil Ford
Day Of the Clown by Phil Ford
Secrets Of The Stars by Gareth Roberts
The Mark Of The Berserker by Joseph Lidster
The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts
Enemy Of The Bane by Phil Ford

• For more info on the series, click HERE.

• As previously stated, Series 3 will be broadcast over one week in Spring 2009.

• The five episodes make up one story called Children Of Earth (this info comes from Torchwood magazine).

• RTD is writing the first episode; JAMES MORAN has completed episode three; and newcomer JOHN FAY has scribed the rest

• All episodes directed by EUROS LYN.


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