The official site has been updated with the first clip from the new animated story DREAMLAND. View it in the player above.


  1. Yes, it looks like it was made with Second Life. Their faces don't even move, which makes the Doctor's expressive voice sound out of place. Or rather his voice makes the lack of expression a glaring fault. One word: Wooden.
    Definitely not animated.
    I sure hope this isn't the final product!

  2. Agree, It looks rubbish.
    FMVs from older video games like the Resident Evil remake are ten times better than the animation used here.

  3. It actually looks better than how I thought it was going to turn out – but then again this wasn't destined to be a top notch Pixar animation in the first place.

    I always imagined this short series to be the 3D equivalent of 'The Infinite Quest' – so for what it is it's looking rather good.

  4. yeah its a bit rubish tho it dose have a slight resemblens of david i think its the hair nobody could animate davids hair
    i stll love it tho

  5. Oh dear.

    This does not fill me with hope at all and it seems previous comments are in agreeance! Is there any chance that this isn't the finished product? Either way I'm quite concerned though that this has been released to help promote it and make people want to watch! It's having quite the opposite effect.


  6. That animation is very poor. I've seen better animation from fans. I guess when this is available I'll just listen to the story.


  7. From the comments section of the BBC's official website, where similar concerns were raised:

    "The first clip was delivered as we normally deliver our videos but the quality will be higher when full eps go online. This should deal with lip sync and resolution issues which is a vaguely technical way of saying it will look better when it goes out!"

    Guess, we'll just have to wait and see!


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