This April the new Doctor Who: Don’t Blink boardgame will test if you could really outwit the Weeping Angels

Gale Force Nine have announced a new Doctor Who board game, featuring the Weeping Angels. In Don’t Blink, the TARDIS has crashed on a derelict spaceship and the Doctor and their companions are in a race against time to collect the parts needed to repair it. But they’ll have to do it while staying one step ahead of the terrifying and iconic Weeping Angels. And true to the television episodes they appeared in, you can only stop these deadly killers by constantly looking at them. Only when players on the board don’t have line of sight of the lonely assassins can they make their move.

Don’t Blink divides players into two teams. One to four players take on the role of the Doctor and their companions Amy, Rory, and Clara as they search the ship to find the four parts needed to repair the TARDIS and escape. Meanwhile, one player takes control of the Weeping Angels and tries to outmaneuver and capture them one by one. The game uses a modular board of 9 different tiles as well as adjustable difficulty to ensure a different and challenging adventure every time you play!

Don't Blink, a new boardgame featuring the Weeping Angels (c) Gale Force Nine Doctor Who
Don’t Blink, a new boardgame featuring the Weeping Angels (c) Gale Force Nine

Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to set up an exciting and tense adventure every time

  • 1 x Rule Book
  • 1 x Tardis Tile
  • 8 x Tokens
  • 9 x Floor Tiles
  • 12 Standees with bases
  • 37 Playing cards

Gale Force Nine have been responsible for board games and role playing games across a range of well known franchises. These include Star Trek: Ascendancy, Dune, and Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. They’re also well established in the Doctor Who universe, having previously created the Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks expandable board game.

For more information, including a free download of the rulebook, you can check the official Don’t Blink page. The game will be available from Gale Force Nine’s online shop, Forbidden Planet, and all other good games outlets from the 1st of April.

Just remember one thing… don’t blink!


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