Actor Dominic Cooper (Captain America) was a guest in ITV1 show This Morning, yesterday and was asked if he was interested in playing The Twelfth Doctor – watch his response in the player above. The Mamma Mia star was enthusiastic saying he would be “absolutely” up for being the next Doctor.

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  1. I think the media made this one up. I never ever heard Cooper's name being in contention before yesterday. I think someone looking for a story watched Capt. America, saw the scene with Cooper and Jenna-Louise Coleman, and decided to suggest him for the role.

  2. He was mentioned last week when the casting was pos going to be announced.

    My money is with Dominic. I think they would be mad not to consider him. With his profile, he'd bring massive audience to the show, especially in the US and that can't be a bad thing.


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