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  1. It was wonderful for the Tardis to finally have a voice and talk to The Doctor! The relationship between the two became more intimately developed. Now it truly feels like the Tardis is actually ALIVE.

    Rosie Tanza

  2. I absolutely loved The Doctors Wife. Suranne Jones was fabulous acting asa Idris. I loved the whole idea of a human female having the soul of the TARDIS, great idea. 🙂 .x.

  3. It was fantastic.

    I particularly enjoyed the symmetry of the relationship between The Doctor and the TARDIS, that she stole him too!

    Also that she explicitly stated that she always takes him where he needs to go; it gives something of an explanation to both (a) the erratic nature of the navigation (and how it's sometimes surprisingly relaible), and (b) how come The Doctor seemingly always gets into a scrape! 🙂

    They've also set up the ability for a Time Lord to regenerate to a different sex. It's not something I've ever been particularly keen on as an idea, but it would totally depend on how they implement it. It could work.

    Overall, an awesome episode.

  4. Every so often, an episode comes along that does something so different. This was one such, and it was wonderful.

    A simple concept, executed with the "dark fairytale" feel that has become the hallmark of the Moffat era so far.

    How wonderful it would be if the Doctor and the TARDIS could talk like that all the time! As things are, he can talk, and she can listen, and that must be enough for the both of them. But things won't ever be quite the same again.

    Bravo Neil Gaiman, Matt Smith and Suranne Jones.

  5. Now this is what you call an episode of doctor who.
    Loved the tardis/idris being able to predict the future.
    The relationship between the doctor and the tardis is spot on.
    This episode had the doctor run the whole list of emotions; excitement, remorse, rage etc.
    Hope we see some more of this in the future.

  6. I loved this episode…actually my favorite of the season so far. Getting to know the TARDIS better was just amazing…wish there was a way she could ALWAYS talk to him, though.

  7. I rather liked that the scratch-built Tardis dematerialized into a 'transparent bubble' – which was how the Tardis was originally described in early drafts of original-who. it was a nice visual tip-of-the-hat that makes me wonder how manyother 'nods' to earlier who-verse-y things were hidden around the junkyard…

  8. I really liked the episode. Very moving and top notch acting all the way around! They'll be talking about this one for a long while. Hopefully Neil Gaiman will come back and write another, but make it a 2 parter, let him go wild!

  9. I loved the episode, one of my all-time favorites. It felt like a Patchwork Episode: classic Who with all the best bits of the new series, too. Absolutely wonderful. I've watched it three times now and loved it each time.

  10. What more can I say that hasn't been mentioned already? The episode was pure perfection, one of the best in the show's long history. I'm glad that the stars and planets aligned and allowed Neil Gaiman to write for the show. I think it's something that should have happened a long time ago. Now that it has, get him back to write some more, Steven.

  11. I'm not sure if I'm missing something… Having watched the revival of Dr. Who with my family, I've been impressed with the series inclusiveness – every family member (kids 5 to 15) has enjoyed something. Lately, I feel the series is starting to alienate it's younger audience. Sure, have the occasional new concept but this series has been over-complicated and wordy. The stylish, vibrant and challenging series that crossed many genre border lines seems to have been replaced by a more niche sci-fi programme. Simply having Matt Smith's wonderful 'ancient child' Doctor can't make up for confusing narrative that merely rewards die hard fans.

  12. Finally we're getting episodes that make people think. We're getting episodes that benefit from repeated viewing and reward those who are prepared to make an effort to understand what's going on.
    Too often tv shows are nothing more than noisy background wallpaper that people half watch whilst chatting or eating. This new era of Dr Who is so much more. Fantastic!

  13. Just beautifully done! Favorite of series 5 and 6. They had me tearing at "Where's my thief?!"
    The thought that they chose each other is just fantastic and beautiful and everlasting. I've always thought of the TARDIS as a character with her own personality, but this really puts it more into perspective. Brilliant idea!

    Oh and I just have to say… Poor Rory! Hope the writers will stop picking on him.. He needs a good day.

  14. At the risk of being beaten up in one way or another, I wasn't too thrilled with it. Idris (sp?) was brilliant, yet didn't know how long human bodies last? Auntie and Uncle's purpose, aside from being someone to talk to for a couple of scenes before being bumped off, eluded me. Smith's Doctor, while normally top notch, felt a little like he was bringing out a series of actor tricks (very angry, very weepy) instead of performing.

    Although I'm glad we got to see Rory almost die – again. Boy, that never gets old. I wonder how he will almost die next week.

  15. That the person refered to in the title The Doctor's Wife is the TARDIS is perfect. Even if the Doctor marries who is the woman he will always come home to: his TARDIS. She gets called she, old girl, etc in it as if he considers her female anyway.

  16. Thought this was the most brilliant episode of Who ever.

    Matt is superb as Eleven, and it was such fun to see him bickering with the Tardis !! Doctors Wife indeed !


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