The stellar cast of Steven Moffat’s Inside Man has been announced – including David Tennant!

Steven Moffat’s next project, Inside Man, is coming to BBC One and Netflix next year and this week the team have announced the main cast. And it includes some names very familiar to Doctor Who fans. Because Moffat is calling on a number of actors he’s worked with before. Most notably, Tenth Doctor David Tennant is reuniting with the former Doctor Who showrunner. Alongside him, Lydia West, Dolly West and Stanley Tucci also join the top tier cast.

With Moffat on scripts, and Tennant in front of the camera, the pair worked together on some of the most well regarded episodes of Doctor Who, such as The Girl from the Fireplace, Blink, and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. And during his time as showrunner, Moffat recruited Tennant to return for the 50th Anniversary Special, Day of the Doctor. Their new reunion promises to be must-see television for fans.


Lydia West and Dolly Wells as Lucy Westerna and Dr. Van Helsing in Dracula (c) Hartswood Films Inside Man Steven Moffat
Lydia West and Dolly Wells as Lucy Westerna and Dr. Van Helsing in Dracula (c) Hartswood Films

Inside Man also features a reunion of Dracula’s Lydia West and Dolly Wells

Tennant’s co-star Lydia West, meanwhile, has become one of the major up and coming stars of the past few years. Her work has seen her criss-cross between former Doctor Who showrunners since appearing in Russell T Davies’ near future drama Years and Years, as the technophile Bethany, a digital native of this strange new world. She then played a thoroughly modern version of Lucy Westerna in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Dracula. Followed by working with Davies again as Jill in It’s a Sin, a role already tipped to win her major awards.

Inside Man also stars West’s fellow Dracula alumnus Dolly Wells. With her dual performance as Sister Agatha Van Helsing, and the nun’s present day relation Dr. Zoe Van Helsing, widely praised as the highlight of the show, it’s no surprise Moffat has cast her in his new project.

Rounding out the main cast is Hollywood star Stanley Tucci (Fortitude, Captain America, The Hunger Games). This is Tucci’s first collaboration with Steven Moffat. But his reputation and body of work marks him as one of the most talented and versatile character actors working today.


The four part series tells three parallel tales – but in what fiendishly clever way are they connected?

Inside Man is a four-part mini-series produced by Hartswood Films for BBC One and Netflix. It features parallel narratives of a prisoner on death row in the US, a vicar in a quiet English town, and a Maths teacher trapped in a cellar. Narratives which become linked in unexpected ways in what’s been described as a “fiendishly clever” script. Tucci is confirmed to be playing the titular ‘inside man,’ as the death row prisoner. The roles of the rest of the cast haven’t yet been announced. But it seems likely that Wells is playing the woman trapped in the cellar, with David Tennant the vicar.

Originally commissioned in 2019, production will begin in earnest on Inside Man post-lockdown.



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