Peter Davison will be storming the stage at the Barbican in a new production of Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate!

Cole Porter’s chaotic musical comedy Kiss Me, Kate is being revived in a new production at the Barbican in London. And Doctor Who’s Peter Davison will be joining the cast as one corner of the love triangle which drives the plot.

Kiss Me, Kate plays with the themes of The Taming of the Shrew, switching between the performance of a new musical version of Shakespeare’s play and the comedy of errors unfolding backstage. Line of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar plays Fred Graham and celebrated Broadway star Stephanie J Block is Lilli Vanessi. Together, they’re the warring actors playing Petruchio and Katharine. Once passionately in love, now bitterly divorced, public demand for their on stage chemistry has brought them back together again. But as the pair unleash their cutting wit on each other, can the sparks reignite the flames of love behind the scenes as well as on stage?

Not if Peter Davison’s character has anything to do with it. The former Doctor Who star plays General Thomas Howell, Lilli’s controlling new fiance who aims to keep her as far away from Fred, and acting, as possible. But he’s just one of the couple’s problems. Mistaken identities, on-stage disasters in the play-within-a-play, and even gun totting gangsters all threaten to derail both the performance and the romance.

You can check out the special introduction trailer, released before Davison’s casting, below.

Kiss Me, Kate has its opening night in June, with tickets on sale now

Kiss Me, Kate has music and lyrics by Cole Porter, a book by Bella and Samuel Spewack. It’s full of memorable songs including Another Op’nin’ Another Show, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Always True to You in My Fashion and Too Darn Hot. While if other productions are any guide, duet From This Moment On will give Peter Davison his chance to show off his singing voice.

Kiss Me, Kate will run at the Barbican Theatre for 15 weeks from 4 June to 14 September 2024. You can buy your tickets here.


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