Michelle Gomez Doom Patrol

The gang of misfits at the heart of Doom Patrol includes Doctor Who veterans Jovian Wade (third from right) and Timothy Dalton (first from right). (c) Warner Brothers Entertainment Robotman Cliff Steele Larry Trainor Negative Man Crazy Jane Cyborg Vic Stone Rita Farr Elasti-Girl the Chief Niles Caulder Diane Guerrero April Bowlby

Michelle Gomez joins the cast of Doom Patrol with Season 3. Three images in a montage. Left is a 1960s comic panel showing a severe looking woman with tied up dark hair and a pearl necklace. On the other side is the cast of Doom Patrol (Negative Man wrapped in bandages, Rita in shoulderless 50s style summer dress, Robotman sitting, legs apart, looking dejected, Jane tilting her head to one side, Cyborg looking confident, Chief in his motorized wheelchair. On top and between the two images is Michelle Gomez in a red jumper, hair flowing as if in the wind, touching the sides of her face with her hands and looking mysterious and sinister. (c) Warner Brothers Entertainment/Netflix

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