The Uncut collection continues with a complete and unedited interview with one of Doctor Who’s most influential producers – Philip Hinchcliffe

BBV Productions have announced Philip Hinchcliffe: Uncut, the third release in their series of complete and unedited interviews with the people behind Doctor Who. Several Doctor Who DVDs and Blu-rays have previously used clips from the interview. However, this is the first release of the full interview in its entirety.

Hinchcliffe was Doctor Who’s producer for three of the show’s most successful seasons. Along with his script editor Robert Holmes, he rebuilt the series around its new star, Tom Baker. From 1974 to 1977 they took inspiration from classic literature to create some of the Doctor’s most enduring popular adventures. Together they also reinvented the Time Lords and their iconography, and introduced Davros. And more than that, they created a new mythology around regeneration that continues to reverberate through Doctor Who today. In Philip Hinchcliffe: Uncut, the producer tells the full story of that dramatic era, finally complete and unedited for the very first time.

Bill Baggs, who conducted the interview with Hinchcliffe, recalls his excitement at the opportunity. “Early Tom Baker was my childhood era of Doctor Who,” he says. “So how fantastic to meet the man behind the stories that made their mark on me. He didn’t disappoint.”

Previous entries in the Uncut series include interviews with former Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner and the Third Doctor himself, Jon Pertwee. Both of these releases are available from the BBV website.



Philip Hinchcliffe: Uncut

Philip Hinchcliffe: Uncut will be released later this month, and is available for the pre-order price of £12.99 exclusively from

The website also collects the company’s extensive catalogue of Doctor Who related releases, both old and new! Alongside audio adventures featuring the Sontarans, Rutans, Zygons, Wirrn, and the Rani, new releases include P.R.O.B.E. audiobooks, exploring the legacy left behind by popular Doctor Who companion Liz Shaw, and Faction Paradox, chronicling new adventures during the War in Heaven.


An abundance of new content is planned, and every purchase helps fund future BBV projects!


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