Jon Pertwee: Uncut, the next in BBV’s series of unedited interviews with Doctor Who legends, is now available for pre-order

BBV Productions have announced Jon Pertwee: Uncut, the second release in their series of complete and unedited interviews with Doctor Who stars. Clips from the interview have previously been used for Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray extras. However, this is the first time the full interview has been released in its entirety.

Jon Pertwee was the third actor to take on the lead role of the Doctor. Going on to star in five series of Doctor Who, he became one of the truly iconic Doctors. He later returned for the 20th anniversary story The Five Doctors and the Children in Need short Dimensions in Time, and the stage show The Ultimate Adventure. An enduring ambassador for the show, he also continued to make frequent public appearances for fan events and talk shows. Often he delighted audiences by appearing in complete costume as the Doctor.

Pertwee’s death in 1996 meant the DVDs and Blu-ray ranges of the following decades lost a key potential contributor. Their commentaries and new interviews sadly missed this finest of anecdotalists. This significant gap was however mitigated thanks to Bill Baggs’ wide reaching interview with the actor, with clips from it on a variety of topics used on many releases. Now,for the first time, the interview will be available in full and its original context as an in depth and engaging conversation with one of the most popular Doctors of all.

Bill Baggs recalls of the interview, “Jon Pertwee was someone who didn’t suffer fools… fortunately he liked me, so I had the benefit of seeing him as the gentleman he was.


Jon Pertwee: Uncut will be released in June, and is available for the pre-order price of £12.99 exclusively from

Jon Pertwee Uncut (c) BBV Produtions
Jon Pertwee Uncut (c) BBV Produtions

BBV Productions’ extensive archive is now available from their new site

May’s release, JNT: Uncut, interviewing former Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner, is out now.

The BBV website also collects the company’s extensive catalogue of Doctor Who related releases, both old and new! Alongside audio adventures featuring the Sontarans, Rutans, Zygons, Wirrn, and the Rani, new releases include P.R.O.B.E. Audiobooks, exploring the legacy left behind by popular Doctor Who companion Liz Shaw.

An abundance of new content is planned, and every purchase helps fund future BBV projects


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