Catherine Tate is bringing a new collection of comedy characters to Netflix for Hard Cell

Catherine Tate is back! The former Doctor Who star has just announced a brand new series for Netflix. And instead of travelling in time in the TARDIS, she’ll be doing time. Hard Cell is set in a women’s prison, seen through the lens of a visiting documentary crew. It’s a return to the type of fast moving menagerie of characters that originally made her name with The Catherine Tate Show. Like that show, which ran from 2004 to 2009, the new six part series features Tate as multiple characters. Though this time they’ll all be connected by a single location – Her Majesty’s Prison Woldsley. And Tate will be appearing as various staff and inmates. But we’ll just have to see which is destined to be the next Nan or Lauren Cooper. Tate will also be writing and directing the series.

Executive producer Kristian Smith said: “We cannot wait to show audiences on Netflix the inside of HMP Woldsley, our fictional prison occupied by the fantastic creations of Catherine Tate. This series is funny and touching all at once, revealing what life might be like in a British women’s correctional facility.”

Catherine Tate, meanwhile, was a little briefer. “Exciting ain’t it? Exciiiiiiiiiiiting!!!”

There’s no word yet, however, on when we can expect Hard Cell to arrive on Netflix. Similarly, Catherine Tate’s co-stars in the show are also unknown for now. But the occasional cameo or two from her old Doctor Who co-stars may well be possible.


Catherine Tate stars in new Netflix show Hard Cell (c) Netflix
Catherine Tate stars in new Netflix show Hard Cell (c) Netflix

Hard Cell

A new Netflix comedy series written and directed by Catherine Tate set in a women’s prison. Tate plays multiple characters as a documentary crew follows the inmates and staff of HMP Woldsley capturing the penal system at its brutal humorous best.


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