Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat are reuniting for thriller series The Devil’s Hour

A new horror tinged series for Amazon Prime has just started filming and sees the reunion of some familiar faces from the world of Doctor Who. The Devil’s Hour is written by Tom Moran, and executive produced by Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. Moffat, of course, was Doctor Who showrunner from 2010 until 2017, as well as writing scripts during the Davies era. And Moffat has recruited his former Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, for a central role in the drama. Meanwhile, the lead role goes to Jessica Raine, who also has Doctor Who connections, having appeared as Verity Lambert in An Adventure in Space and Time and as psychic Emma Grayling in Series Seven episode Hide.

The Devil’s Hour centres around Lucy Chambers (Raine) who wakes every night at 3.33am. Lucy’s house seems haunted by its mysterious past. Her mother talks to a presence nobody else can see, and her eight year old son seems increasingly withdrawn. Before long she learns her name has been linked to a series of brutal murders. The prime suspect is a reclusive wanderer, played by Peter Capaldi, who quickly becomes the focus of a manhunt. But is Capaldi’s character responsible for the deaths of the people on his list? Or is he the only one with any chance at all of saving them from the horrors that await during the Devil’s Hour?


Jessica Raine as Emma Grayling in Hide (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
Jessica Raine, who stars as Lucy in The Devil’s Hour, as Emma Grayling in Hide (c) BBC Studios

The cast also features Nikesh Patel and Meera Syal

The six part series also stars Nikesh Patel (Resolution) as the detective conducting the hunt for Capaldi’s elusive murder suspect. Meera Syal (The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood) features in the cast as well in an undisclosed role.

There’s no expected release date for The Devil’s Hour yet. But in the meantime, Steven Moffat has written Inside Man, starring David Tennant, which has also been filming this year for the BBC and Netflix. While Peter Capaldi will be on cinema screens next month in superhero film The Suicide Squad as the villainous Thinker.



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