The Blogtor Who readership have been voting and we now have our list of the best Doctor Who regenerations ever! Here’s how the action played out in Round Three

In the days since The Power of the Doctor, and Jodie Whittaker stepping out of the TARDIS and passed her role as the Doctor over to the next in line, Blogtor Who has been running a Twitter poll to find your favourite Doctor Who regeneration story. You cast hundreds of votes were and now Blogtor can being to reveal the results!

Round three brought us to the modern eras, with regenerations for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, along with the War Doctor. With three strong contenders it was a surprisingly straightforward clash. Christopher Eccleston’s fantastic departure after only only series took an early lead and then kept it, sprinting across the finish line with 43% of the vote. The End of Time might have been expected to put up more of a fight, being the epic finale of a fan favourite Doctor. Instead it found itself in a nail baiting rivalry with The Day of the Doctor for second place. Ultimately, the finished with 29.1% and 27.9% of the vote respectively, with the 50th Anniversary special taking the third place slot.


John Hurt regenerates at the end of The Day of the Doctor (c) BBC Studios War Doctor Who
John Hurt regenerates at the end of The Day of the Doctor (c) BBC Studios

The Day of the Doctor is a superb celebration of the show’s fiftieth anniversary, but arguably only technically a regeneration story

The Day of the Doctor was crowned the best Doctor Who story of all time in the most recent of DWM’s occasional polls. So why did it come in last place in its group here, without even making it to the final? The answer’s almost certainly that despite being Who at is most glorious, spectacular, and moving, it’s not really much of a regeneration story. John Hurt’s grizzled, regret filled incarnation’s regeneration at the end of The Day of the Doctor. But as nice a scene as it is, it does feel like a tacked on closing of the loop. A scene that exists so that the niggle of us never seeing McGann regenerate isn’t simply replaced with the fresh one of never seeing Hurt change.

Though “I hope the ears are a little less conspicuous this time,” has to go down as one of the cheekiest ever final lines.


He didn't want to go... (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Tenth Doctor David Tennant End of Time regeneration
He didn’t want to go… (c) BBC Studios

No regeneration story has hit audiences in the feels as mercilessly as The End of Time

In appropriately timey-wimey fashion, the Doctor’s regeneration after next took place almost four years earlier, on New Year’s Day 2010. It was farewell to one of the most beloved actors to have taken the role, David Tennant, and it a suitably huge affair. Over the decades, the show had moved from regenerations occurring suddenly at the end of an otherwise typical story towards stories personally tailored to saying goodbye. But Tennant’s departure went even further, with Russell T Davies penning an entire arc across the 2009 specials about the prophecy that “he will knock four times.”

It makes for the Doctor’s most doom laden departure story since Logopolis. It also divided opinion, Some fans blinked back the tears at the heartfelt scenes of the Time Lord’s thoughts on how regeneration “feels like dying,” rage that he “could have done so much more,” and final despairing “I don’t want to go.” But others felt that it leaned too strongly into the idea of regeneration as death, rather than a Power of the Doctor style victory over death. Indeed, there was a lot of overlap, with some complaining about the premise between sobs. At the end of the day, if you didn’t get something in your eye when dear old Wilf blows a kiss goodbye then you just might have the heart of a Weeping Angel.


Doctor Who - Twice Upon a Time - Doctor Who (PETER CAPALDI) - (C) BBC/BBC Worldwide - Photographer: screen grab
Doctor Who – Twice Upon a Time – Doctor Who (PETER CAPALDI) – (C) BBC/BBC Worldwide – Photographer: screen grab

Next up: See who’s victorious in claiming the prize of the best regeneration between Doctors Eleven to Thirteen!

Come back soon for the last round of our regeneration celebration of The Power of the Doctor. Matt Smith will always remember when the Doctor was him, Peter Capaldi lets the Doctor go, and Jodie Whittaker tags her successor into play. But which will make it to our final?


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