Who’s at the Playhouse brings an impressive line-up of Doctor Who stars to Surrey in February

Doctor Who convention Who’s at the Playhouse returns to the Epsom Playhouse next month. Boasting two Doctors, seven companions, and seven other actors from the world of Doctor Who the event on the 12th of February will arguably one of the biggest events of 2023 announced so far.

Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy headline the guest list. Best known for playing the Sixth and Seventh Doctor they memorably returned to the show last year as ‘Guardians of the Edge,’ subconscious expressions of the Doctor’s past selves which guide Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation back from the literal brink of death.

Another member of the Power of the Doctor cast joining the pair is Katy Manning. Manning played Jo Grant (later Jo Jones) for three seasons of Doctor Who from 1971-1973, before returning to guest star in The Sarah Jane Adventures and cameoing in Power as a member of Graham’s support group for former companions. After decades on the convention scene, Manning also has a superb reputation as one of its most entertaining and enthusiastic guests.


Who's at the Playhouse Poster (c) Who's at the Playhouse Doctor Who Conventions
Who’s at the Playhouse Poster (c) Who’s at the Playhouse

Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Katy Manning, Maureen O’Brien, Peter Purves, John Leeson, Mark Strickson and Nicola Bryant are just some of the Playhouse guests

Other former companions joining the fun at the Playhouse include Maureen O’Brien, who played 25th century orphan Vicki (1965), Peter Purves who was space pilot Steven (1965-1966), John Leeson who voiced robot dog K9 (1977-2010), Mark Strickson who played alien schoolboy Turlough (1983-1984), and Nicola Bryant who was American college student Peri (1984-1986).

Other guests include Paul Lavers (The Androids of Tara), Colin Spaull (Revelation of the Daleks, Rise of the Cybermen), Trevor Cooper (Revelation of the Daleks), Michael Troughton (Last Christmas), Derek Martin (HAVOC), and Jon Davey (almost any 21st century monster you can name).

Tickets include the chance to take part in our exclusive Letters to the Doctor show.
What does Doctor Who mean to you? What would you say to the stars of the series, a favourite character, or the programme itself – a personal memory of when you first watched? A love letter to the show? Or something else?

Plus our stars will be sharing their Doctor Who anecdotes in our Would I Lie To Who? quiz… but are they all true? Can they be believed?

Find out whose stories are fact or fake and discover the biggest fibber in the Whoniverse!

Doors are open from 10am to 6pm on Sunday the 12th of February. Tickets are £49 for adults, and £24 for 8-16 year olds. Under 8s go free. For more details and tickets see the Who’s at the Playhouse site.


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