Ncuti Gatwa’s second season as the Doctor has finished filming its seven month shoot ahead of its transmission next year

The same night as Doctor Who’s latest episode, 73 Yards, airs on BBC One, the Bad Wolf team have been celebrating another milestone. Even though we’re only halfway through this year’s season, next year’s has just finished filming! Russell T Davies revealed the news on his Instagram account as the team held a wrap party in Cardiff.

The party brings to an end a shoot that’s lasted almost exactly seven months, with the TARDIS first materialising in front of cameras on the 23rd of October last year. By comparison, filming for Gatwa’s first season ran from December 2022 to July 2023. This means it’s possible the BBC could bring next year’s run forward to March, and avoid competition with the hot summer weekends.


Doctor Who S1,The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson),BBC Studios/Bad Wolf, Photo by James Pardon
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) will be back for more next year,BBC Studios/Bad Wolf, Photo by James Pardon

The new season will feature the return of Gatwa and Gibson as well as some new faces

The new season will again consist of eight episodes, preceded by a Christmas Special this December. Ncuti Gatwa is back as the Doctor, obviously, as is Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday. At some point during the season Boom guest star Varada Sethu will join them aboard the TARDIS in a new role. Meanwhile other supporting cast members will also be back for more. These include Michelle Greenidge (Carla Sunday) and Anita Dobson (Mrs Flood). The presence of Yasmin Finney (Rose Noble) at the wrap party suggests she’ll also be putting in another appearance next year too.

We don’t have the full writing team for the new run. But we do know it will be more getting more diverse. By the end of this season Russell T Davies will have written 10 of the 12 episodes of this era himself. But the next time there will be six writers, counting Davies himself and Steven Moffat, who returns for Christmas’s Joy to the World.

As usual, Davies’ team have carefully guarded next year’s secrets. Little is known yet of which returning monsters or villains we can expect to see. (Though Ncuti Gatwa himself has expressed some impatience to finally battle the Daleks.)

The new season will air on BBC One some time in 2025, alongside international streaming on Disney+.



The Doctor and Ruby ready to take on a virtual world in Dot and Bubble (c) BBC/Bad Wolf Doctor Who
The Doctor and Ruby ready to take on a virtual world in Dot and Bubble (c) BBC/Bad Wolf

Doctor Who continues at midnight Friday BST with Dot and Bubble on iPlayer in the UK, and on Disney+ everywhere else except Ireland





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