Red Nose Day 2021

Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill campaigning for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day (c) Comic Relief Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Yaz

Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2021. The five presenters against a red background, while a red cgi ribbon snakes between them. (l-r) Paddy McGuinniess is three piece dark grey suit, steps over the ribbon, smiling; Alesha Dixon in a loose, red and white floral silk blouse and black trousers, smiling with her head tilted and her hands together in front of her, her ankles crossed; Lenny Henry, leaning forward, his hands behind him, legs planted apart with knees bent, laughly madly and hugely right into the camera, wearing a red and black striped suit, white shirt, and red tie; Davina McCall in a red low cut skinny fit pant suit and nude underslip; David Tennant, in black suit, pale blue shirt, and bright red socks, sits on the ribbon, one leg extended along it and the other foot on the ground, his arms folded, and one eyebrow raised. (c) Comic Relief

Staged Comic Relief