The exhibition celebrating the costumes, props, and science of Doctor Who has arrived in Scotland

Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder, the exhibition of props and costumes from the TV show, has opened in Edinburgh this weekend. The National Museum of Scotland will play host to the exhibition until the 1st of May next year. It’s thought the tour, which emphasizes the series’ links to real world science will then continue around the UK.

Alison Cromarty, Head of Exhibitions & Design at National Museums Scotland, said, “We are tremendously excited to be bringing this exhibition to Scotland. From the wonder of the science fiction of the TV show to our present-day understanding of the big scientific topics it touches on, there is something for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Ed Cookson is Projects Director at Sarner International, the company bringing the exhibition to life. He says, “For almost 60 years Doctor Who has been exploring mind-bending scientific developments. The iconic characters, monsters, stories, and settings of the television series provide a perfect guide through the wondrous worlds of space, time and science.”

For details of what to expect from Worlds of Wonder, check out Blogtor Who’s report of our visit to the exhibition during the Liverpool leg of its national tour.

The National Museum of Scotland have also created a museum trail through its own exhibits, full of artefacts with links to Doctor Who, from a particle accelerator from CERN (as seen in Extremis) to a lighthouse lens similar to the one the Doctor uses to save Earth in Horror of Fang Rock.


Alien creatures - Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder - World Museum in Liverpool (c) Bedwyr Gullidge
The Teller, a Moon parasite spider and a Dalek mutant are just some of the creatures touring the UK with the Worlds of Wonder exhibit (c) Bedwyr Gullidge

The move to Edinburgh is the latest part of a long relationship between Doctor Who and Scotland

Doctor Who has strong Scottish connections, of course. To date three Scots have played the role of the Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi (the seventh, tenth and twelfth Doctors respectively) with a fourth, Ncuti Gatwa, recently announced as the new Doctor. Scottish companions have included the 18th century Jacobite piper, Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) and more recently Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

Other notable cast members have included Neve McIntosh as well as Michelle Gomez as Missy (The Master), with Alan Cumming having also appeared recently as King James VI & I. Another Scot, Steven Moffat, was showrunner from 2008 to 2017. And of course, one of the Doctor’s most iconic friends is Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, formerly of the Scots Guards, who made appearances from 1968 to 2008.

The show has featured several other Scottish icons. The Loch Ness Monster appears in 1975’s Terror of the Zygons with Tom Baker. Meanwhile the Picts appeared along with the 9th Legion of the Roman army in 2017’s The Eaters of Light, starring Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez with a script by award-winning Scottish playwright Rona Munro. Other episodes set in Scotland include 2006’s Tooth and Claw, set in the Highlands. Meanwhile, Under the Lake/Before the Flood (2015) takes place in Caithness. And, of course, Jamie’s introductory story The Highlanders (1967) features the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden.


Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder

The exhibition will be at the National Museum of Scotland from the 9th of December 2022 until the 1st of May 2023. You can buy tickets from the NMS site here. Entry is free to NMS members. There are also Relaxed Viewing sessions, with less noise, and fewer visitors, on the 8th of January, the 5th of February, the 5th of March, the 2nd of April, and the 18th of April.


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