More details are available for Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder, the new exhibition devoted to the science of Doctor Who

Later this month Liverpool’s World Museum will be opening its doors to Doctor Who fans of all ages, as the new Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder exhibition explores the science which has inspired the show. The World Museum plays host to some of the Doctor’s greatest friends and fiends from the 27th of May. The exhibition runs until the 30th of October, when it begins a world tour of cities around the globe. And new details have now been announced. These include roles for Mark Gatiss and Zoë Wanamaker, and a celebration of the show’s special Liverpool connections.
An artist's impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios
An artist’s impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss will be visitors virtual guide through the Doctor’s world

The voice of Mark Gatiss will guide visitors to the exhibition through the mysteries of space and time. Fans will be familiar with Gatiss’ voice due his multiple roles on the show. He was the murderous and desperate Professor Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment, the villainous Silence member Gantok in The Wedding of River Song, and most recent the Brigadier’s grandfather, Captain Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart in Twice Upon a Time. He also voiced spitfire pilot ‘Danny Boy’ in Victory of the Daleks and A Good Man Goes to War. Meanwhile he’s also been a frequent writer of scripts for the show. These include The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot’s Lantern, The Crimson Horror, Sleep No More and many others. He’s also the co-creator of Sherlock, as well as playing Mycroft Holmes.
Mark Gatiss discussed his latest contribution to the Doctor Who universe. “So many people who have gone on to work in science have had their interest piqued by watching Doctor Who,” he says, “and one of the amazing things about the show is its ability to make us wonder. I’m thrilled to be part of the exhibition and I do hope as many curiously minded people as possible take the opportunity to visit.”
Artist's impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios
Artist’s impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios

Visitors will also be able to interact with the villainous Lady Cassandra, once more voiced by Zoë Wanamaker

The exhibition will also include the voice of Zoë Wanamaker CBE, reprising her role as the Lady Cassandra O’Brien.Δ17. A citizen of the year 5.5/apple/26, five billion years in our future, Lady Cassandra claims to be the world’s last ‘pure’ human. Child of the last two people born on Earth, Cassandra appeared in The End of the World and New Earth. She’s also a cautionary tale on the dangers of seeking perfection through plastic surgery. Cassandra has turned herself into a flat piece of skin in a metal frame in her pursuit of beauty. Visitors will be able to meet Cassandra themselves as one of the exhibits at Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder.
Meanwhile, scientist, author and presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock of the BBC’s The Sky at Night will be one of the experts featuring in the exhibition. Maggie will be bringing science to life for visitors in the ‘Ask a Scientist’ interactives. These explore the mind-blowing science behind the well-loved TV show.


“As a child, science fiction played a critical role in my life and inspired me to become a Space Scientist,” said Aderin-Pocock. “it allows us to explore tales of wonder and shows us the possibilities for the future and how science fiction can become science fact. I hope the Doctor Who exhibition, and my contribution to it, will inspire, inform and excite everyone in the same way.”


 Williamson (STEVE ORAM) - (C) BBC Studios - Photographer: James Pardon Doctor Who Flux
Worlds of Wonder also explores Doctor Who’s connections to Liverpool, such as the real life Jospeh Williamson (as played by Steve Oram in Flux) – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: James Pardon

The Liverpool leg of the tour will also include a special celebration of the city’s Doctor Who connections

As already revealed, visitors will be treated to a series of display exhibits. These feature original props, sets, and costumes from across Doctor Who’s 58 year history, and reveals their connections to the real life world of science. And from special effects, to make-up, it’s your chance to get up close to how they make the show.

National Museums Liverpool have also now announced that there will be a special Liverpool Connections area within the exhibition, exploring the links between Doctor Who and the city of Liverpool.

Visitors will discover more about the many Merseyside stars who have featured in Doctor Who; from Sir Ken Dodd OBE to John Bishop. And, of course, the Liverpudlian Doctors themselves – Tom Baker and Paul McGann. This area will also reveal the surprising tale of when the Beatles almost met the Daleks. The real history of the “Mad Mole” of Edge Hill, Joseph Williamson, as seen in Flux, will also be explored. As of yet, we don’t know if similar dedicated sections will feature for future cities on the exhibition’s tour.


Artist's impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios
Artist’s impression of Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder (c) BBC Studios

Tickets for Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder are on sale now

Fiona Philpott, Director of Exhibitions at National Museums Liverpool, said, his team were “thrilled to announce a small taste of what visitors can expect at the world premiere of Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder,” continuing, “we can’t think of anywhere more fitting than Liverpool to host it. There is truly something for everyone within the exhibition – from science-fiction fans to families, and from Doctor Who buffs to those who simply have a curious mind. The behind-the-scenes knowledge that the contributors bring to the exhibition is mind-blowing.”

Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder will open on 27 May and tickets are available now. Prices for adult tickets are £14 in advance or £16 on the day (concession rates apply.) Tickets for members are free. In addition to free entry to the exhibition, members receive limitless free entry to all other exhibitions. They also receive discounts in NML shops and cafes and invitations to exclusive events.


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