BBC Studios have partnered with Reality Gaming Group to create groundbreaking new digital trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart which is due to launch later this year

Long-time fans of Doctor Who will know that trading cards inspired by the series aren’t an entirely new concept. The Doctor Who: Battles In Time trading card game ran for three years between 2006 and 2009 accompanied by a fortnightly magazine, and featured characters from across the Tenth Doctor’s era.

Now, Reality Gaming Group are set to develop and publish an innovative and new kind of Doctor Who trading card game, this time in an entirely digital format using blockchain technology. Fans will be able to collect and trade digital versions of their favourite characters, before adventuring through the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game as the Doctor, battling friends in turn-based contests.

Every card a player collects will be tokenised into a non-fungible token (NFT) secured and protected on the blockchain, meaning there can be no copies or disputes about ownership. Doctor Who: Worlds Apart players will also be able to own unique digital collectible items which can be used in the game or traded with other players.

As with physical trading cards, some cards will be rarer than others. These digital trading cards will feature Doctors, companions, allies and enemies from across the show’s expansive history.

Limited edition packs containing five digital cards will be available to purchase from October 2020. Once these limited-edition cards have sold out, they will not be available to purchase again, except by trading with others.

The accompanying Doctor Who: Worlds Apart trading card game will be released for PC in 2021 with mobile to follow, allowing players to go head-to-head with their card collections. More cards will also be made available at launch.

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, has said: “We are tremendously excited to be working with BBC Studios to bring Doctor Who’s huge global community an exciting new digital experience based on a pastime we all know and love – trading cards. The cards used in Doctor Who: Worlds Apart are both functional and collectible, so fans can actually own a piece of the game while they play.”

John Kavanagh, Licensing Manager, Gaming and Interactive for BBC Studios has said: “This is what BBC Studios does so well, exploring new technologies and bringing our most iconic brand to an area of the gaming industry which we’re sure will engage and thrill fans.”

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is due to launch in October 2020. More information can be found on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website.


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