This October new paperback puzzle book Doctor Who: Whodle presents mysteries to test the sharpest Time Lord minds!

A new official Doctor Who puzzle book is on the way! The 304 pages of new paperback Doctor Who: Whodle are full of fiendishly clever mysteries for readers to solve. They’ve been compiled by Richard Hall, who’s previously written several volumes of Wordle, Soduku and crossword based puzzle books. He’s also the writer of Star Wars Quotes To Live Your Life By: Inspirational words of wisdom from a galaxy far, far away, as well as Star Wars: Jedi Mind Training and The Official Race Around the World Puzzle Book.

The book is available for pre-order now ahead of its release on the 17th of October. So just in time for curling up beside the fire with as the Autumn nights draw in. It will be available in both paperbook and Kindle formats from all good stockists. You can get full details and links to your preferred vendor at the official Penguin page .



Doctor Who: Whodle. Streaking multicoloured stars with the Doctor Who diamond logo and 'Whodle' in big white block capitals
Doctor Who: Whodle

Doctor Who: Whodle

The ultimate Whodunit!

Test your sleuthing skills across time and space with fifty Doctor Who inspired logic puzzles.

From the First Doctor to the brand-new Fifteenth Doctor, travel back and forward through time, and across worlds and space stations, as you solve mysteries and help the Doctor and their companions.

  • There’s been a murder in a country house! Who’s the culprit? And why is it the Dalek in the dressing room with the lethal laser?
  • Which Doctor’s companion has got lost in the TARDIS swimming pool room?
  • What pesky creature has travelled back through time to mess with Earth’s history? (Definitely a goblin).

Using only a sonic screwdriver, some psychic paper and a few clues, it is up to YOU to solve these mysteries.

Who knows, you might even save the universe.


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