The next Who Vinyl release is out in August – The Myth Makers!

Demon Records presents the narrated TV soundtrack of a lost four-part adventure set in ancient Troy, starring William Hartnell. The Myth Makers originally aired in 1965, as part of Doctor Who’s third season. The BBC Archive is missing all four episodes, and there are very few photographs recording the production. This makes it one of the most missing Doctor Who stories of all. The original soundtrack survives, however, thanks to dedicated fans’ home recordings. And that soundtrack, with linking narration, is coming to vinyl on the 27th of August from Demon Records.

The Myth Makers features two 140g vinyl Trojan Sunset splatter discs, while Peter Purves narrates it. Purves also co-stars as the Doctor’s companion Steven, with Maureen O’Brien making her final appearance as Vicki. The guest cast includes Max Adrian as King Priam, Barrie Ingham as Paris, and Frances White as Cassandra. While on the Greek side, Ivor Salter stars as Odysseus. Incidental music is by Humphrey Searle, and the familiar strains of the Doctor Who theme are courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The coloured LPs are on a gatefold sleeve with inner sleeves featuring exclusive art. The release includes the original episode billings, full cast listing and credits.


The Myth Makers vinyl release (c) Demon Records Doctor Who First Doctor Troy William Hartnell Peter Purves
The Myth Makers vinyl release (c) Demon Records
Doctor Who: The Myth Makers

When the TARDIS lands on the plains of Asia Minor, not far from the walled city of Troy, the Doctor is hailed as the great god Zeus.

He’s enlisted by the Greek army – led by Odysseus and Agamemnon – to come up with a strategy for defeating the Trojans. With his companions already prisoners of the opposing side, the Doctor draws his inspiration from the legend of a certain wooden horse…

You can pre-order Doctor Who: The Myth Makers from Amazon or from Demon Music Group.



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