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Doctor Who Viewing Figures: Boom +7 and 73 Yards Overnights

Splice (CAOILINN SPRINGALL) & Mundy (VARADA SETHU) in Boom,BBC Studios/Bad Wolf,James Pardon

Boom almost doubles its original viewing figures in the +7 results, while 73 Yards provides the season’s highest overnights so far


This week’s viewing figures for Doctor Who are here from BARB, the independent body compiling ratings for the UK. They suggest the show is finding its feet somewhat after a difficult start to the season. Both Boom and 73 Yards show an upward trend in last week’s +7 results and this week’s overnight viewing figures.

Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who return, Boom has now been seen by 3.58m viewers in the UK. That’s up an extraordinary 75% on its originally reported overnight, with an additional 1.54m joining its total. This includes the 78,000 who watched pre-transmission. For context this means that only 2% of Boom’s total British audience logged in at midnight (or at least some point earlier on Saturday) to watch the episode.

It is down 0.33m (8.4%) from previous The Devil’s Chord. However, the size of its +7 time-shift ties in to theories the Doctor’s biggest enemy this year is sunny weather. With the UK returning to form and finally having some overcast and rainy days, viewers seem to be assembling around their televisions once more too.


Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in the unsettling 73 Yards 2024*,BBC Studios,James Pardon Doctor Who. Ruby, with wet hair, looks out a window onto a stormy night.
Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in the unsettling 73 Yards 2024*,BBC Studios,James Pardon

73 Yards’ folk horror atmosphere drew in Doctor Who’s largest audience so far this year

The same trend can be seen in the initial overnight viewing figure for the spooky folk horror tale which followed. The overnight result for 73 Yards is 2.62m. That’s up 0.58m (28.4%) on Boom’s overnight. It’s also, by a small margin, the highest overnight of the entire season so far, 0.07m above premiere episode Space Babies.

Interestingly, it’s also got the highest number of pre-transmission number of the season so far. Slightly counter-intuitively, the overnight result above doesn’t include those who watched in iPlayer before the episode aired. So this ‘beforenight’ number is an additional 0.14m viewers. It’s unclear exactly why so many more people stayed up for the midnight drop this time. Possibly the advance publicity signposting 37 Yards as this season’s traditional ‘scary one’ make a witching hour viewing more appealing. Whatever the reason, it means that 2.76m people in the UK watched 73 Yards between 0000 on the 25th and 0200 on the 26th. (2am being the cutoff point in the definition of ‘overnight’ viewers.)

Taken altogether it means it will be an intriguing wait for the final official viewing figures for each episode, the +28s, which will begin arriving for this season in two weeks’ time.



Lindy (CALLIE COOKE) and the Doctor (NCUTI GATWA) in Dot and Bubble ,BBC Studios/Bad Wolf,James Pardon

Doctor Who continues at midnight Friday night BST with Dot and Bubble on iPlayer in the UK, and on Disney+ everywhere else except Ireland







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