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Doctor Who Viewing Figures: 73 Yards +7s and Dot and Bubble Overnights

Roger AP Gwilliam (ANEURIN BARNARD) threatens nuclear armageddon in 73 Yards, BBC Studios, Photo by James Pardon

Latest viewing figures data solidifies 73 Yards’ place as the highest rated episode of the season so far

The latest viewing figures are available from BARB, the official, and independent, compiler of ratings across television channels and streaming platforms in the UK. These include the initial overnight result for last weekend’s Dot and Bubble, as well as the +7 result for previous episode 73 Yards.

The numbers show that the nightmare logic folk horror of 73 Yards was a hit with viewers, and it remains the series’ highest rated episode so far. In all 4.06m viewers have seen 73 Yards in the UK so far. That’s an increase of 1.44m (55%) on its original overnight. It’s also up 0.48m (13.5%) on the +7 viewing figure for the preceding episode Boom. Though it’s still down 0.51m (11.1%) on Village of the Angels, its equivalent in Series 13’s running order. Then again, as we’ve observed before when comparing the episodes from November 2021 to those from May 2024, the respective chart placements of 19 (Village) and 12 (Yards) suggest you can expect to lose half a million on a bright summer evening compared to when Autumn nights have drawn in.


Doctor Who - S1 - Dot and Bubble,Lindy (CALLIE COOKE), Lindy, with her back to us, sits at a desk in her office, her bubble of projected screens encircling most of her head BBC Studios/Bad Wolf,Photo by James Pardon
Lindy (CALLIE COOKE) in Dot and Bubble BBC Studios/Bad Wolf,Photo by James Pardon

Dot and Bubble reported the highest number of pre-transmission iPlayer streams so far

If 73 Yards’ overnight and +7 remains the highest of the season, logically it follows that Doctor Who’s ratings have dropped with its most recent techno-dystopian tale. Dot and Bubble has an initial overnight of 2.12m. In addition, 0.164m watched the episode on iPlayer, either at the midnight drop or over the course of Saturday before the BBC One screening. That’s the largest pre-transmisson streaming number so far, by a significant margin. Given how much discussion of the episode since the drop has revolved around the twist reveal at its climax, it’s possible that those waking up to that discussion on Saturday morning felt more compelled than usual to watch the episode as soon as possible.

Together than means Dot and Bubble was seen by 2.28m viewers on Saturday. That’s down 0.46m (16.8%) from the same metric for 73 Yards the week before. Though with it one of the most talked about episodes of the season, its +7 result next week will be interesting reading.

Speaking of which, next week will also see our first +28 viewing figures for this year. In a media landscape where the overnight result is increasingly just a single dot in a much larger picture, these will tell us the official, formal, results for Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord.


Doctor Who,Jonathan Groff with Ruby Sunday (MILLIE GIBSON), The Doctor (NCUTI GATWA) BBC Studios Photo by James Pardon

Doctor Who continues at midnight Friday night BST with Rogue on iPlayer in the UK, and on Disney+ everywhere else except Ireland




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