Doctor Who TLV Road to the Dark Times

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Road to the Dark Times. Cover by Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Road to the Dark Times. Cover by Lee Binding. Image of a Blu-Ray box at a slight angle. Central to the image is the Tenth Doctor, from the waist up, in his brown suit, light blue shirt and brown tie, pointing his sonic screwdriver directly at us, while looking intently at us from slightly above. To the left, the Fourth Doctor in his brown fedora, burgundy corduroy jacket, check shirt, looking troubled, holding his sonic. To the right, the Seventh Doctor looking pleased with himself, in brown jacket, white panama hat, paisley tie, question mark jumper and flowing paisley scarf, a matching paisley hankerchief hanging from his jacket pocket, holding his question mark topped umbrella. Below the three is the Third Doctor, in a purple double breasted velvet jacket, wrestling with a Dalek (70s design, in battleship grey with black highlights) as it fires a brilliant white beam out to the right of the image. Behind the Third Doctor on the right is Davros in profile, along with two more Daleks (same design). Behind them all is a huge metal Seal of Rassilon (like a celtic ornate ‘8’ or infinity sign on its side) against a vibrant red and green nebula. The TARDIS appears to be smashing through the seal, with debris from the broken edge of the seal surrounding it. Text at the top is the Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious logo, and at the bottom “ROAD TO THE DARK TIME – A COMPENDIUM OF STORIES EXPLORING THE TIME LORD VICTORIOUS UNIVERSE. The BBFC logo for a 12 rating is in the corner. (c) BBC Studios

Time Lord Victorious Timeline 3 Extract