The Time Lord Victorious epic takes shape, as more pieces fall into place for the multi-Doctor saga

As the epic kick-off of the gargantuan Time Lord Victorious project approaches, the official Doctor Who site has launched the official Time Lord Victorious page. Including a timeline graphic packed with details already announced as well as some brand new information.

New details include the release dates for all the Time Lord Victorious audios from Big Finish, issue 2 of the Titan Comics issues, and the Dalek Emperor/Drone figurines set. Plus there’s also the announcement of three more figurines sets, and a collected edition of the Titan Comics. Moreover, we now know each figurine set will come with an exclusive short story set in the TLV universe by James Goss.

  • The Last Message [Tenth Doctor]
  • Mission to the Known [Eighth Doctor]
  • Exit Strategy [Eighth/Ninth/Tenth Doctors]


The cover to Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty #1, which comes polybagged with DWM 556. Art by John Ross (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine Ninth Doctor Rose Tyler
The cover to Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty #1, which comes polybagged with DWM 556. Art by John Ross (c) Panini

The Ninth Doctor returns to the pages of Doctor Who Magazine for Monsterous Beauty

From Doctor Who Magazine, we also have a cover for the Time Lord Victorious: Monsterous Beauty comic that will ship polybagged with DWM #556. The plot has been unveiled as well – the three part comic strip will see the Ninth Doctor bring Rose Tyler back to the Dark Times at the start of the universe. Only they’re more dangerous than even he had ever imagined!

In other news, we’ve learned the nature of the Doctor Who Annual 2021’s contribution to Time Lord Victorious. The annual a special Guide to the Dark Times, revealing all you need to know about the story’s sinister new history and enemies – as told by River Song!

Meanwhile, for understandable reasons, the Time Fracture immersive theatre experience has been moved from the previously indicated Autumn 2020 to sometime in 2021.


The front and back (or is that back and front) covers of Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Echoes of Extinction (c) Big Finish Productions Tenth Doctor Eighth Doctor David Tennant Paul McGann
One of the highlights of Time Lord Victorious is set to be Echoes of Extinction – featuring Paul McGann and David Tennant in one adventure (c) Big Finish Productions

Along with the updated list of stories and dates, we now know which Doctors will be meeting and when

Contributors to Time Lord Victorious include Big Finish Productions, Penguin Random House, Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Escape Hunt, Hero Collector, Immersive Everywhere, Maze Theory, Demon Music Group, BBC Books and finally BBC Audio. All contributing to one an epic story told across several platforms, but with each strand, and each release, able to stand on its own as well.

We now have a better overall picture of this epic multi-Doctor adventure too. Firstly, the Eighth Doctor’s path through the crisis will be told across a cycle of Big Finish audios starring Paul McGann. The Ninth Doctor’s contribution to this new Time War will be told chiefly in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. While the Tenth Doctor will take the most circuitous route to the climax, appearing in the 2021 Annual, a novel from BBC Books, the Defender of the Daleks series from Titan Comics, as well as an audiobook from Demon Music Group. As the arc reaches its climax, David Tennant returns to the role in person to share the stage with Paul McGann’s Doctor in Echoes of Extinction from Big Finish, before all three Doctors unite in the pages of novel All Flesh is Grass for the finale.


All of the details of Time Lord Victorious so far! (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Ninth Doctor Tenth Doctor
All of the details of Time Lord Victorious so far! (c) BBC Studios
The complete list of Time Lord Victorious tie-ins announced so far:
  • A Dalek Awakens (Escape Hunt, Open Now!)
  • Defender of the Daleks #1 (Titan Comics, 2nd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Doctor Who Annual 2021 (BBC Books, 3rd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part One (Doctor Who Magazine #556, 17th September) [Ninth Doctor]
  • The Night, the Fool and the Dead (BBC Books, 1st October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Master Thief/Lesser Evils (Big Finish, 7th October) [The Master]
  • Defender of the Daleks #2 (Titan Comics, 8th October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Big Finish, 14th October) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Two (Doctor Who Magazine #557, 15th October) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Dalek Golden Emperor/Dalek Drone Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 20th October)
  • Dalek Commander/Dalek Scientist Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 20th November)
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (Big Finish, 11th November) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Three (Doctor Who Magazine #558, 12th November) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Defender of the Daleks Collection (Titan Comics, 18th November) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Dalek Executioner/Dalek Strategist (Hero Collector, 23rd November)
  • Echoes of Extinction (Big Finish, 27th November) [Eighth/Tenth Doctors]
  • The Minds of Magnox (BBC Audio/Demon Music Group, 3rd December) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Mutually Assured Destruction (Big Finish, 9th December) [Eighth Doctor]
  • All Flesh is Grass (BBC Books, 10th December) [Eighth/Ninth/Tenth Doctors]
  • Time Lord Victorious/Brian the Ood Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 1st March)
  • Time Fracture (Immersive Everywhere, 2021)
  • The Edge of Time: Time Lord Victorious game expansion (Maze Theory, TBA)


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