Doctor Who TLV Echoes of Extinction

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Echoes of Extinction (c) Big Finish Productions

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Echoes of Extinction. On the left the Eighth Doctor edges forward, sonic screwdriver extended, in a navy frockcoat variant of his shabbier Night of the Doctor costume. To his left is an android with one central eye in its head. Part of the head is cracked open, exposing machinery. Its body has an armoured appearance, and orange sparks fly up from parts of it. On the right is a humanoid creature composed of strands of light like a computer framework model of a man. They’re all standing in a futuristic corridor of dark metal with the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS behind them. The other side, shows the Tenth Doctor in his brown suit in a wary stance, sonic screwdriver extended. To his right are Arthur Darvill and Mina Anwar’s characters, dressed in black-grey paintballing style body armour, and totting futuristic looking rifles and pistols. To his left is his TARDIS. They stand amid metal wreckage under a violently pink and purple sky, with flames erupting here and there. The metal struts on the right echo and mirror the structure of the corridor on the McGann side of the cover, as if the Tennant side might be showing the wreck of the corridor on the McGann side. (c) Big Finish Productions