The cast of Madquake (forehead zips not included) (c) Big Finish Productions Back Harley Viveash (Grumma), Raj Ghatak (Mison), George Watkins (Marc) - Front Doña Croll (Bella), Janet Fielding (Tegan) and Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) Doctor Who Slitheen

The cover to Doctor Who: Thin Time/Madquake. Art by Tom Webster. Photo montage art. A man in his late 50s/early 60s with thinning hair, prominent teeth and an alarmed, even terrified expression, is wearing a dark three piece suit with pinstripes. In his left hand he, impossibly, holds an entire house – itself like a four bedroom Victorian affair that doesn’t look like a model but a house that’s been shrunk) and in his right a silver topped black can with which he gestures to the house. Behind him, the Doctor (head only) looks faintly worried, while Nyssa and Tegan look grim on the other side of the image. Behind all of them a Slitheen, baby faced, with jet black eyes like a shark and a tiny mouth full of razor sharp teeth, rears up, it’s huge claws extended. Even further back in the image, in the right hand corner, a Slitheen spaceship zooms above. Meanwhile, on the lower left, the TARDIS is in flight. The overall colour scheme is a clash of vivid greens from the left and equally vivid purples from the right. (c) Big Finish Productions