Details have been released about the upcoming EP of remixes of the Doctor Who theme tune by composer Dominic Glynn. Doctor Who Theme – The Gallifrey Remixes has a release date of June 16, details below.
Originally composed by TV legend Ron Grainer, the Doctor Who Theme was re-arranged for the programme by Dominic Glynn in 1986. Now, 28 years later, Dominic has produced a new EP of original remixes of his theme arrangement. Originally performed at the Gallifrey One fan convention in Los Angeles in February, the “Gallifrey One Remix” is here joined by three other brand new mixes. The EP also sees the first new mix in twelve years from Syzygy – the underground electronica duo of Dominic Glynn and Justin Mackay, best known for their techno and ambient dance releases on the Rising High label.
Available for download via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Juno Records and all the usual digital services – for more details, visit the site HERE.
Thanks to Dominic Glynn


  1. Why is it being called an EP if it's not being released on CD or vinyl? If it's not available in a permanent format (and I just had to buy a new Mac which doesn't come with a burner so it's not easy to make my own), then forget it.

  2. Please please please always remember to credit Delia Derbyshire. The airbrushing out of her contribution remains a scandal that we must fight wherever we can.


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