Doctor Who went back to the future this week in ‘The Tsuranga Conundrum‘. BlogtorWho takes a look at some of your Twitter reactions to the episode…

Anticipation for the latest instalment of Doctor Who was high once again.

But could the Doctor and her friends solve The Tsuranga Conundrum?

The episode started with a bang and Team TARDIS woke up somewhere far different from your typical local Accident & Emergency department.

They also met another patient who was in the family way but not of the gender you might’ve expected.

Although it turned out not to be a hospital at all and that meant they were travelling away from the TARDIS.

There was also a bit of confusion about the device Astos provided the Doctor.

When the alien creature was encountered by the Doctor, the reaction of viewers was not entirely one of terror.

Comparisons were also made to two other creatures from TV and Film.

Ryan also revealed more about his parents and viewers were hit in the feels.

Suddenly Ryan and Graham also became promoted to birth partners.

A theme was certainly starting to develop in The Tsuranga Conundrum.

Others picked up on some other issues with the man about to give birth, despite still wearing his trousers.

However there was also some action. Yaz caught the Pting and gave it a swift boot to the delight of many.

The Tsuranga Conundrum also had a number of references that fans enjoyed.

The baby’s name also proved a hit.

Overall, final reactions to The Tsuranga Conundrum proved to be quite mixed.

Next week…

Doctor Who continues next week with Demons of the Punjab. The first five episodes of Series Eleven, plus the ten previous seasons, are all available on iPlayer’s Doctor Who page.


  1. I thought it was very, very disappointing. Very poor writing: it was like filling out fifty minutes with a sub-plot. Lots of emoting and agonising over characters we didn’t have time to get to know or to care about, and I just knew that Ryan and Graham would tell the pregnant dad that he would make a great father…we have no old monsters, but something that looks as though it is straight out of ‘Looney Tunes’, name and all. Simplistic, linear plotting. Chris Chibnall doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Oh dear…


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