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Doctor Who: The Teeth of Ice – COMING SOON

Doctor Who: Teeth of Ice (c) BBC Audio

Dan Starkey reads a brand new adventure in 1900s Antarctica for the Eighth Doctor

The Teeth of Ice, a new audiobook featuring the Eighth Doctor arrives from BBC Audio in August, as the Time Lord heads due south to face a new, and deadly, enemy among its icy wastes. Andrew Lane, author of many past books and audios set in the Doctor Who universe, has written the new adventure. Most notably, perhaps, The Mahogany Murders. That Companion Chronicle ultimately launched an entire new series of infernal investigations for Jago and Litefoot. Meanwhile, narration duties fall on the exemplary vocal cords of Dan Starkey, best known as playing many Sontarans on TV.

The new audiobook is the third in a loose trilogy, following BBC Audio’s The Scent of Blood and The Code of Flesh. It reunites writer Lane and narrator Lane with the earlier stories’ protagonist, reporter James Macfarlane. Those tales set Macfarlane and the Eighth Doctor on the trail of vampires and investigating Frankenstein-style experiments in 1890s Britain. But what darkness awaits the pair this time? Perhaps a supernatural menace of a distinctly more hairy kind…

The Teeth of Ice comes out on the 3rd of August, and fans can pre-order it from the usual retailers.


Doctor Who: Teeth of Ice (c) BBC Audio Eighth Doctor
Doctor Who: Teeth of Ice (c) BBC Audio

Doctor Who: The Teeth of Ice

Indomitable reporter James Macfarlane has travelled to the remote MacReady Base near the South Pole, his mission to interview the famed explorer Pentius Rochdale. On arrival Macfarlane is astonished to discover that the base’s new medical officer is none other than the Doctor!

Macfarlane is intrigued by rumours of strange goings-on at the Base, whilst a recent attack on a neighbouring station – by creatures unknown – attracted the Doctor’s attention. The two friends focus on Rochdale’s expedition to find the legendary lost continent of Mu, which he believes may lie in Antarctica.

When a series of grisly deaths disturbs the Base’s calm, the Doctor’s suspicions are aroused. Whatever is preying on people, it’s intelligent and has deadly claws and teeth. But by the time he and Macfarlane have uncovered the truth, they are well within biting distance of the teeth of ice…



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