New resource books for Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition arrive early next year

Cubicle 7 have released details and the cover for Adventures in Space. It’s the newest resource book for their Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition. And it’s the latest in a series of reveals in recent weeks. including resource book Secrets of Scaravore, and a new Gamemaster’s screen.

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game allows groups to act out their own adventures set in the Doctor Who universe. The core rule book, out earlier this year, presented all the rules and background you need to voyage across space and time with the Doctor, or as new characters experiencing brand new epic adventures. The two new resource books, available for pre-order now ahead of their release next year, add to the fun. Each one lays out potential campaign ideas for Doctor Who gamemasters. GMs can then tweak them as little or as much as they like. Whatever best suits their own tastes and their players’ style of play.


Adventures in Space provides more roleplaying action in the Doctor Who universe (c) Cubicle 7
Adventures in Space provides more roleplaying action in the Doctor Who universe (c) Cubicle 7

You can find specs for aliens, planets, and starships from the series, along with a guide to creating your own unique worlds in Adventures in Space

Adventures in Space provides a whole host of planets to explore for your Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game adventures. It also includes rules for creating your own new alien worlds, along with their inhabitants. The book covers twenty planets from the series, as well as new, exciting environments for Gamemasters to set their epic adventures in. Each entry provides plenty of adventure ideas, as well as a glimpse into each planet’s history.

Adventures in Space features:
  • Alien creation rules — create new adversaries and NPCs for your alien worlds, or even new alien characters to join Team TARDIS.
  • Starship and space station creation rules — you don’t have to explore the Universe with a TARDIS, with revised spaceship creation rules to get you travelling the stars.
  • Alien world creation — new vistas to explore, strange places to see.
  • A selection of planets from the series — want to return to Skaro, Trenzalore, Karn, or Akhaten? Adventures in Space has it covered! Each planet looks at its environment and history, and provides adventure ideas to help kick start gamemasters’ campaigns.
The Secrets of Scaravore gives full detail for four new adventures for players and introduces a deadly new adversary (c) Cubicle 7 Doctor Who roleyplaying game
The Secrets of Scaravore gives full detail for four new adventures for players and introduces a deadly new adversary (c) Cubicle 7

The Secrets of Scaravore introduces a dangerous new foe for the Doctor, and four complete adventures for players

In the time before humanity, even before the rise of Gallifrey, Scaravore was imprisoned for its crimes. Last of a long dead species, it slumbered, sending its influence out into the stars. Now it seeks to rise again, to extend its evil dominion over the galaxy.

The Secrets of Scaravore is a collection of four new adventures. You can play them as standalone episodes, or as a series of connected stories. Between them, they’ll lead the player characters to the Wild West and distant worlds. And along the way they’ll encounter Draconians, Silurians, Zygons, and more, before finally facing the terrifying Scaravore itself.

  • Paradise Lost – Discover the dark secrets of a technology advanced Paradise occupied by seemingly prehistoric people, and unwind the tragic plot of a Dalek plague
  • A Kind of Magic – The TARDIS is marooned on a strange planet where advanced technology doesn’t work. Can your team unravel the mysteries of an apparently magical mediaeval society and solve an interplanetary diplomatic crisis.
  • Westward Bound – Travel the Oregon Trail with a wagon train filled with refugee aliens, and protect their secrets from a sect of deadly bounty hunters.
  • The Mandala of Scaravore – A nightmarish creature lies deep beneath the streets of modern day London. As it stretches its malign influence across space and time, only a team of terrific time travellers can stop it!


The new Doctor Gamemaster screen (c) Cubicle 7
The new Doctor Gamemaster screen (c) Cubicle 7

Gamemaster’s screen

The Gamemaster’s Screen for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game is the ideal addition to every Gamemaster’s collection. Perfect for the Gamemaster who likes to keep their plots a secret from their players, the Gamemaster’s Screen contains a wealth of useful information.

The Gamemaster’s Screen is a three-panel landscape screen with a stunning image of the Doctor’s recent incarnations. It should inspire your players to ask themselves, ‘What would the Doctor do?’

The interior contains the most used rules and tables, handy for both novice and seasoned Gamemasters to refer to in the middle of an epic adventure without slowing things down.

The package also includes a 36-page booklet. This fact-packed resource features advice for the Gamemaster, and a host of references and guidance to create memorable adventures at very short notice, along with a handful of exciting adventure hooks to get you started.

The cover image for the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition Gamemaster’s Screen and Starter Set are designed by renowned digital artist Will Brooks, whose Doctor Who work has been used by Big Finish and Titan Comics.


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