Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) has had a difficult adventure in Time and Space as the Eigth Doctor’s (Paul McGann) companion.

This is the first release in a planned 12-part series based on characters and the world of Kaldor created by Chris Boucher in the classic 1977 Doctor Who TV episode, The Robots of Death.

Doctor Who: The Robots - Nicola Walker, Claire Rushbroo -
Doctor Who: The Robots – Nicola Walker, Claire Rushbroo –

The character of Liv Chenka, played by Nicola Walker, has been a companion of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, in many Big Finish audio dramas.  She has returned home to the plane Kaldor, reunited with her sister Tula (Claire Rushbrook) and defeated a series of Robots with the help of Doctor in the series Doctor Who – Ravenous 2. 

Now that the danger is over, Liv is torn.  She doesn’t want to leave her adventures with the Doctor but she does want to know her sister again.  But the TARDIS is a time machine and hence the Doctor leaves Liv behind for just one year where she can life on her home world and get to know her sister Tula all over again.

BAFTA nominated Claire Rushbrook, returns to play Tula.  But she is familiar face to Doctor Who fans from her appearances in the TV episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Doctor Who: The Robots - Ken Bentley, Robert Whitelock, Jaye Griffiths, Claire Rushbrook, Nicola Walker, Daniel Easton, Venice Van Someren, Jon Culshaw
Doctor Who: The Robots – Ken Bentley, Robert Whitelock, Jaye Griffiths, Claire Rushbrook, Nicola Walker, Daniel Easton, Venice Van Someren, Jon Culshaw

Released today, The Robots Volume One is the first of a series based on the characters and the world of Kaldor created by Doctor Who writer and script editor, Chris Boucher.

Actor Nicola Walker summarised what this series brings to the worlds of Doctor Who: “We’re with Liv Chenka and her sister Tula on her home planet. Kaldor has seen a rise in the use of artificial intelligence, and Tula is at the forefront of that. So what happens when human relations and AI collide?

“What is interesting is that, in the past when we talked about AI in sci-fi, it was a long way away. Now when we’re talking about it in this imaginary world, it’s not so far away in the real world, and it’s not so incredible. So the future has got a whole lot closer.”

Claire Rushbrook added: “I love it. It’s full of pace. I think it’s really exciting and it deals with a messy grey area with what people do when they’re grieving – how desperate it is, and what desperate measures people can go to. And I just like the dynamic between Tula and Liv again.  There is a tenderness and an exploration of emotions that we haven’t heard in the more action-packed and scientific stories.”

The first of volume is available for download today from Big Finish’s website


Kaldor is going through a period of tumultuous change. Technology is changing at an advanced rate – the robots are evolving, artificial intelligence is adapting, and with these changes so politics is altering too. Dangerously.

Can Liv and Tula make a difference during the most turbulent time in the world’s history?

1.1 The Robots of Life by Roland Moore

Settling into life back on Kaldor, Liv investigates a medical centre where the patients are dying.

1.2 The Sentient by Robert Whitelock

Vissey is a young child – the sort of perfect young girl any parents would want to adopt. She is also artificial, and she sees the world in a very different way to humans.

1.3 Love Me Not by John Dorney

A widower goes to extreme lengths to keep the memories of his dead wife alive.


  • Duration: 180 minutes approx.
  • Released: 11 December 2019, exclusively from the Big Finish website.
  • Producer: David Richardson
  • Written by: Roland Moore, Robert Whitelock, John Dorney
  • Director: Ken Bentley
  • Script Editors: John Dorney, Roland Moore
  • Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery


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