Demon Records have announced two Doctor Who stories new to vinyl – The Pirate Planet and Dead Air

Demon Records have announced two more releases in their successful Who Vinyl range. The Pirate Planet, starring Tom Baker, is out on the 18th of March while Dead Air, starring David Tennant, form part of 2022’s Record Story Day celebrations. This annual event designed to encourage people to support their local record shop returns on Saturday the 23rd of April. And once again Demon Records are marking the day with a Doctor Who audio release on vinyl with eye-catching designs.


Dead Air arrives on vinyl for Record Store Day (c) Demon Records David Tennant Doctor Who
Dead Air arrives on vinyl for Record Store Day (c) Demon Records

Doctor Who: Dead Air by James Goss

Hot on the heels of a creature that exists through sound, the Doctor lands on a pirate radio station boat in the late 1960s. The creature has already killed some of the DJs, and the Doctor befriends the survivors. But then the lights go out, and a desperate race for survival begins. Who can the Doctor trust in the dark?

Read by David Tennant in character as the Doctor, speaking directly to the listener with a warning of a creature that lives in sound, Dead Air’s ‘found footage’ conceit makes it a unique listening experience. The 2010 story will be available on vinyl for the first time on two 140g Soundwave Green Vinyl discs.


The Pirate Planet on vinyl (c) Demon Records Doctor Who Douglas Adams Tom Baker Fourth Doctor
The Pirate Planet on vinyl (c) Demon Records

Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet by Douglas Adams

“The life force is dead! We’re all murderers!”

On the hunt for the Key to Time, the Doctor, Romana and K9 materialise on the planet Calufrax – or do they? Entangled in local events, they are caught between the bombastic Captain – half-man, half-machine – and the sinister Mentiads. Someone is ransacking whole planets for their wealth, and just as the Doctor discovers who’s behind it another one comes under threat: Earth!

Demon Records presents the debut Doctor Who adventure by Douglas Adams, also creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Starring Tom Baker, The Pirate Planet plays out across 2 x 140g Sky Demon Splatter vinyl discs. This 1978 TV soundtrack has been adapted for audio with narration by John Leeson, the original voice of K9. The supporting cast also includes Mary Tamm as Romana with Bruce Purchase, Andrew Robertson, David Warwick and Rosalind Lloyd. The iconic Dudley Simpson composed the incidental music, and the familiar strains of the Doctor Who theme are courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
The coloured vinyl LPs come in a fully illustrated gatefold sleeve showing cast and credits, and inner bags featuring complete episode billings.






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