Each week throughout series ten, we’ll bring you a brief, spoiler-free look at the episode to come. This week, we’re kicking off with The Pilot.

If Steven Moffat had helmed the 2005 revival, you can imagine the first episode would have looked a lot like this. The Pilot expertly walks the line between starting fresh while respecting the past. Callbacks, though frequent, are treated (appropriately enough) as Easter eggs. Bill debuts as a likeable and well-rounded character. Her story will effortlessly defuse any claims of tokenism. Especially since the emotional stakes at the heart of the story are given time to grow naturally. With careful pacing, a strong plot and an awful lot of running, this is a superb start for what looks to be a stellar series ten.


  • Spot the footage shot for Bill’s introduction clip that debuted last April.
  • You may end up with Just Jack stuck in your head after this story.
  • Stephanie Hyam, who plays Heather, has appeared in ‘Sherlock’. Ten points if you can remember who she played without using IMDB.
  • Don’t miss Joy Division.


“That’s the Doctor for you, never notices the tears.”

“When everyone else doesn’t understand something, they frown. But not you. You smile.”

“If someone’s gone, do photographs really help?”



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