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Doctor Who: The Official Guide and I, TARDIS: Coming Soon

Doctor Who: I, TARDIS (c) BBC Books

New Doctor Who hardbacks explore the Whoniverse this summer

In addition to the upcoming original Doctor Who fiction in prose and audio, two new hardback guides to the Whoniverse are coming out from BBC Books this year. In July I, TARDIS will let readers revisit classic adventures from a unique perspective: that of the Time Lord’s time machine herself. All as told to author Steve Cole. Then, in August, Doctor Who: The Official Guide sets out to tell fans new and old everything they could want to know about our time travelling hero, their friends, their enemies, and their incredible adventures.


Doctor Who: I, TARDIS (c) BBC Books
I, TARDIS (c) BBC Books


‘Did you ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago? I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away…’

The Doctor has a unique bond with their TARDIS. They’ve always loved the ‘old girl’ for the way she’s gone looking for trouble anywhere in the universe. The Doctor says they stole the TARDIS from Gallifrey. The TARDIS disagrees…she stole them. It hasn’t always taken them where they want to go, but it’s made sure to take them where they needed to be.

For the TARDIS is far more than just a time machine crossed with a spaceship. Its life reflects the Doctor’s life – a shared wanderlust and longing to explore. Now you can revisit the Doctor’s adventures as seen through the eyes – or the flashing rooftop light, at least – of the TARDIS. From the time the Doctor stole it from Gallifrey to its latest adventures with the Fifteenth Doctor, the TARDIS reflects wittily on its epic, incredible history – past, present and future!


The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa),BBC,Nwaka Okparaeke

Doctor Who: The Official Guide

With exclusive content from Ncuti Gatwa’s first outing as the Fifteenth Doctor, discover more about the Time Lord who has been keeping the Earth safe for over 60 years.

This brand-new edition is the ultimate guide to all of the Doctor’s fifteen incarnations – from William Hartnell to Tom Baker and including both of David Tennant’s eras – you will learn fascinating facts from all of space and time.

Discover more about the Doctor’s many helpful companions, fearsome foes and, of course, the TARDIS who has been through it all.

Learn the difference between regeneration and bi-generation, why you should never anger a Meep, and always, always get Cherry Sunday a cup of tea!


I, Tardis will be available in both hardback, eBook, and audiobook (CD and Digital Download) from the 11th of July. The Official Guide will be in hardback and eBook from the 15th of August.




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