Here at BlogtorWho we are big fans of the Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast. After a 1985-style hiatus, the podcast is back!

If you’re a Doctor Who fan then chances are that you know about the missing episodes. And if you know about the missing episodes then you’ll want to hear them being discussed. Including any possibility that they might be returned. If you fall into that category, and basically we all do, then Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast is the show for you! Today the latest episode is released to the world. This is the second instalment of the discussion about The Daleks’ Master Plan. Guests include Gavin Rymill, Rhys Williams and Jon Preddle.

Doctor Who The Missing Episodes Podcast – Episode Nine

Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast

First launched in April 2020 it became a constant for many during the various lockdowns. Presented by Tim and Paul, episodes so far have included discussions on ‘Marco Polo’, ‘The Time Meddler’ and ‘Galaxy 4’. Guests on the podcast have also included Paul Scoones regaling the tale of the discovery of ‘The Lion’ and Toby Hadoke talking about ‘The Myth Makers’. All the episodes so far are available on Apple Podcasts, Podbean and other podcast providers. Podcast episodes plus a series of other videos including recent quiz live streams are also available on YouTube.

Doctor Who The Missing Episodes Podcast – Episode Ten

The second episode of the Daleks’ Master Plan discussion will be released today, July 2nd. However, the next episode discussing ‘The Massacre’ is available for Patrons of the podcast. Those who wish to support the Missing Episodes can do so via Patreon with a number of membership options available. Simply visit for more details. Also for the latest from the podcast and to join in the conversation the podcast has a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast returns today with Episode Nine: The Daleks’ Master Plan – Part Two. The new episode is available now on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, YouTube and wherever you find podcasts…


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