Doctor Who Lonely Assassins Lee Binding

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. Art by Lee Binding (c) Maze Theory Blink Osgood Weeping Angels TARDIS Wester Drumlins Larry Nightingale UNIT

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. Art by Lee Binding. Photo montage. Figures are lit from in front in a warm glow, while the environment behind is lit by a large full moon, casting a bluish white haze. In front is Osgood (30s, brown hair, glasses, long hair tied back, wearing a labcoat, cardigan and super long multi coloured striped scarf). She holds a mobile phone in one hand. Behind her is Larry (mid 40s, green t-shirt, beige hoodie, lank brown hair with a side parting and hangdog face wearing an expression of alarm. Behind her on the other side is smiling woman (late 30s, brown curly afro hair worn to the shoulder, black and white striped sweater), and a fierce looking man (bald, mid 50s, powerful, barrel chesting frame, wearing a white shirt open at the neck). And behind them all is the Wester Drumlins house (small 19th century mansion, sitting in spooky darkness in front of a full moon, a single window lit up brightly) (c) Maze Theory

Lonely Assassins Gameplay