The cast and crew filmed The Ghost Monument in South Africa.  After the cold Sheffield, what did Team TARDIS think about the heat?  And why did go to Sheffield to film Episode 2?


Chris Chibnall:  We went there because we wanted scale. We got quite a lot of scale while we were in Sheffield, to be honest, but we’ve also got a different type of scale in South Africa. Different types of landscapes, a couple of different worlds that were filmed in South Africa. Variety, really. It looks stunning. It was amazing.

Jodie Whittaker:  For us, it was well firstly it was amazing because it was January and South Africa was boiling. Everyone else in the UK was freezing and we’d been freezing doing Episode 1. So South Africa was incredible for us. The crew over there are extraordinary. We were so well looked after and we were filming in locations that as a tourist I don’t think you’d necessarily get to see. That’s mind blowing in so many ways. The elements and nature and yeah I suppose the epic landscape serving the story was great and then made our job a lot easier.

Mandip Gill: It was really hot. At the end of Episode 1, you see me in a leather jacket and I wanted to take that leather jacket off in South Africa. It was just so hot. But I was warned by Ray (Costume designer) that if I took it off, I’d have to keep it off in Cardiff. So I kept it on. And we, Jodie, Bradley, Tosin and I, all agreed because we were so genuinely cold filming that first episode, that we would not moan about being too hot when we got to South Africa. We didn’t.

Bradley Walsh: And we didn’t.

Tosin Cole: No. I was complaining every day in Sheffield. I was complaining every day like “Why? Why? Why are we here? It’s so cold. Why?” Then I remember when we found out we were going to South Africa, I was like “I won’t complain, I promise you, I won’t complain.”

Mandip Gill: And then he got sunstroke.

Tosin Cole:  Didn’t complain though! Didn’t complain.

Mandip Gill:   He just went really quiet.

Tosin Cole:  I was trying to figure out what was going on with my body, I could comprehend what was going on.

Mandip Gill:  But you were alright in the end.

Tosin Cole:  Yeah I got there in the end. I was loving it out there. I was out there, flexing.



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