Today’s the day, as Big Finish marks twenty-one years of the Eighth Doctor on audio with the return of Edwardian Adventuress Charley Pollard!

Charley Pollard is back in a brand-new box set of full-cast audio adventures! Doctor Who: Charlotte Pollard – The Further Adventuress is out today, celebrating 21 years of the Eighth Doctor at Big Finish. India Fisher reprises her iconic role as Charley, reuniting the beloved companion with her original Doctor, Paul McGann, in four fun-filled stories.

Michelle Livingstone’s Deeva Jansen also returns, twenty-one years after first appearing as the Orion android in the Sword of Orion. But is she really back from the dead? Among the other actors joining the brilliant cast are Cyril Nri (Cucumber), Yasmin Mwanza (Stephen) and Bafta-award-winning actress Rakie Ayola (Anthony) as dedicated cop, Dakota Bly.


Time flies when you're having fun! India Fisher (Charley), Paul McGann (the Doctor) and Michelle Livingstone (Deeva) at the recording of the original Eighth Doctor series in 2000 (c) Big Finish Eighth Doctor The Futher Adventuress Charlotte Pollard Sword of Orion
Time flies when you’re having fun! India Fisher (Charley), Paul McGann (the Doctor) and Michelle Livingstone (Deeva) at the recording of the original Eighth Doctor series in 2000 (c) Big Finish

Mummies, moths, writing masses and an old adversary…

India Fisher was on hand to talk about returning for new stories set during Charley’s early travels with the Doctor. “It’s great to be back playing Charley, get her shoes back on and interact with Paul as the Eighth Doctor.

“Whenever I read new Charley stories, I sense the writers are as pleased to get back to her as I am. The scripts are always done so lovingly, and she has some really beautiful moments. I’m very grateful.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Livingstone spoke about being back as Deeva. “Coming back to the role was a huge delight and a complete surprise. I never imagined I would be back to play Deeva. I have very warm memories of Sword of Orion and I love Deeva. The character came back to me very quickly, in fact, I’m not sure she ever left.”

Producer Emma Haigh summed up the danger and adventure awaiting the pair. “It’s been wonderful working with Paul and India for the first time, bringing the Doctor and Charley back together. What better way to celebrate 21 years of their adventures at Big Finish than having them meet mummies, moths, writhing masses, and an old adversary!”


Doctor Who: Charley Pollard - The Further Adventuress. Cover by Caroline Tankersley (c) Big Finish Productions
Doctor Who: Charley Pollard – The Further Adventuress. Cover by Caroline Tankersley (c) Big Finish Productions

Doctor Who: Charlotte Pollard – The Further Adventuress

In October 1930, Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard smuggled herself aboard the R101 airship in search of adventure. She found it in the form of a Time Lord and his space/time machine.

Since then, she’s ridden a Vortisaur bareback, she’s fled Cybermen aboard a star destroyer, she’s cruised the canals of future Venice, she’s dallied with the Devil himself… and still she wants more!

The Mummy Speaks! by Alan Barnes

The Carnaval de Paris, 1841. Amid the sideshow tents, the Doctor and Charley discover something truly novel: an Ancient Egyptian mummy that speaks–despite being dead for more than 4,000 years!

But what the mummy has to say translates into terror for the TARDIS twosome… and proclaims doom for the entire world.

Eclipse by Lisa McMullin

The collective noun for a swarm of moths is an eclipse. And when the chittering, nightmarish Hellstrung descends from the forest canopy of planet Pteron, they threaten to snuff out the lives of the human settlers below.

Wanting to know what’s stirred up the Hellstrung, the Doctor and Charley venture deep into the woods… as darkness falls.

The Slaying of the Writhing Mass by Eddie Robson

The Doctor and Charley become trapped in a temporal traffic jam, caused by time tourists come to witness the pivotal event in the history of the planet Ileiko: the Slaying of the Writhing Mass, the alien entity that enslaved the Ileikans in their infancy.

The legendary hero Salan killed the Mass with a single stone, setting the Ileikans free. But what was the Mass, exactly? And what if the legend was wrong?

Heart of Orion by Nicholas Briggs

The TARDIS intercepts a strange signal, returning the Doctor and Charley to the Garazone System –where once they had a terrifying encounter with the Cybermen and foiled a bid to change the course of a terrible android-human war.

Now, people are going missing from all over Garazone Central. The Orion War is far from over, and the Doctor and Charley have landed at the heart of it, again!



Doctor Who –The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Charlotte Pollard –The Further Adventuress is now available to own as a collector’s edition four-disc CD box set (for just £24.99) or digital download (for just £19.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website.

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release.

Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. Factors beyond Big Finish’s control may delay the mail-out of collector’s edition CDs. But all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that listeners can immediately download or play on the Big Finish app from the release date.


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