The Fourth Doctor’s comic strip adventures return in a handsome new edition for the 60th Anniversary

Arriving in November, The Fourth Doctor Anthology will collect the classic run of Doctor Who Weekly strips. Just in time, too, to give new fans a chance to encounter the original version of The Star Beast. After all, what better way to celebrate  the first Doctor Who Magazine comic strip being adapted for TV? Before the Fourteenth Doctor, Rose, and Donna meet Beep, discover his encounter with the Fourth Doctor, Sharon, and Mrs. Shuggie.

The new collection will also include 16 of the era’s 17 stories to appear in the pages of DWW. (It’s unclear, but it’s likely Timeslip is the missing story). These include stories by comics legends like Judge Dredd writers Pat Mills and John Wagner, and Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons. The stories feature fan favourite companion K9 by his master’s side. But the collection also includes the complete story arc for the Time Lord’s new companion Sharon. Learn how the schoolgirl from 1970s Blackcastle comes aboard the TARDIS, (literally) grows up fast, and ultimately departs. The Star Beast, The Iron Legion, City of the Damned and more classic tales await new readers!

The 324 page volume hits bookshelves on the 2nd of November, from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine, ready to form part of the show’s diamond anniversary. It can be pre-ordered now from all the usual book retailers.


Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology. Cover art by Dave Gibbons (c) Panini Doctor Who Weekly Doctor Who Magazine The Star Beast
Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology. Cover art by Dave Gibbons (c) Panini

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Anthology

When Doctor Who Weekly launched in 1979, it was the inimitable Tom Baker incarnation of the immortal Timelord who graced its very first comic stories. Now, Panini Comics is proud to present the complete collection of Fourth Doctor comic strips, taken from the early years of DWW and DWM! Featuring 16 wild and witty tales, this collection sees the Doctor encounter robotic centurions, deceptively furry and cuddly space tyrants, deadly psychic vampires and a whole lot more!


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