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Doctor Who – The First Doctor Unbound – Coming Soon from Big Finish

David Bradley returns for more adventures in The First Doctor Unbound

David Bradley returns in The First Doctor Unbound!

Since April 2022, Big Finish has been producing full-cast audio adventures for the First Doctor starring Stephen Noonan. The actor has taken on the role originated by William Hartnell, with Lauren Cornelius as his companion, Dodo. Now there are some new (old) faces back. The originals, you might say, yet slightly different. David Bradley (The Doctor) returns, joined by Jemma Powell (Barbara Wright), Jamie Glover (Ian Chesterton) and Claudia Grant (Susan Foreman). Together they’ll star in The First Doctor Unbound.

This quartet played the roles of Doctor Who’s very first cast of actors in the 2013 biopic An Adventure in Space and Time. Then, in December 2017, they began a series of audio adventures as the actual Time Lord and friends for Big Finish Productions.


The cast of The First Doctor Unbound (c) Big Finish Doctor Who
The cast of The First Doctor Unbound (c) Big Finish

From September 2025, they’ll be unleashed in new parts of the vortex. The new series breaks free from established continuity to tell its own surprising stories

Producer David O’Mahony said: “The Peter Cushing feature films of the 1960s were our stylistic inspiration here – the lighter tone, the spirit of high adventure, the true Technicolor nature of the storytelling. We want all these adventures to have that bank holiday or Sunday afternoon feeling.

“We combined this with the brilliant cast of the BBC’s anniversary special An Adventure in Space and Time, led by the legendary David Bradley. Working with such a wonderful cast and an exceptional creative team, we have created a time fracture leading to a separate universe… it might not be canon (or is it?), but it’s going to be brilliant!

“I cannot tell you how excited I am to be taking charge of The First Doctor Unbound. Similarly to the Lost Stories range, making these stories unbound to the television continuity of Doctor Who gives us a wonderful creative freedom to explore characters, stories and styles.

“The hunger to create new stories and be inspired by various parts of the Whoniverse has
driven so many wonderful Big Finish Productions. To bring in this Doctor and set him on these adventures is like unearthing a treasure trove of potential and exciting tales.”



The first volume of Doctor Who – The First Doctor Unbound is now available to pre-order for just £15.99. That includes collector’s edition CD box set and download. It’s also available as a download only for £12.99 (download only), exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.



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