Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1 will be available in a special variant sketch cover by Artgem


Titan Comics have added yet another cover to their lineup for the launch of their new Doctor Who comic. Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1 now come in nine different covers. The latest is by main Cover A artist Stanley ‘Artgem’ Lau. This time, though, it features his original rough sketch of what become Cover A, and is presented ‘clean’ without the logo and indica.

Ruby Sunday has had her first visit to Earth’s past in The Devil’s Chord. She’s been in space in Space Babies. And she’s stepped foot on an alien world, and looked up upon unfamiliar stars in Boom. But now she meets one of her new friend’s oldest, most classic, foes for the first time. The Cybermen are back! But what are the emotional cyborgs scheming this time? And how will our hero and his latest companion defeat them once again!?

The ongoing series debuts next month from the new team of writer Dan Watters (Batman: Urban Legends), artist Kelsey Ramsay (Good Deeds), and colourist Valentia Bianconi (Dogs of London). All covers for the first issue are available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet and Previews now. Issue 1 arrives on the 26th of June.

The full list of covers are:

  • Cover A is by Stanley ‘Artgem’ Lau (Action Comics, Supergirl, Heat Seeker)
  • Cover B is a photo cover featuring the Cybermen
  • Cover C is by Joshua Swaby (Ms Marvel, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra)
  • Cover D is by Christopher Jones (Young Justice, Detective Comics)
  • Cover E is by Alex Moore (Red Sonja, Cat Fight, Killer Queens)
  • Cover F uses the same Artgem art as Cover A but with foil print
  • Cover G features a large diamond logo on a black background
  • Cover H is a blank cover suitable for getting artists to sketch on at conventions
  • Cover I uses the initial pencil and ink sketch for Artgem’s Cover A


Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1. Cover A by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau Titan Comics
Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1. Cover A by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau (c) Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1

Join the Fifteenth Doctor in a new comic book adventure! The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday have followed a mysterious signal to a shopping mall in the last days of Earth. It’s sure to be a trap, but to find the source, The Doctor must face his greatest fears…


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