After the Daleks Secrets of Det-Sen

The casts of After the Daleks and The Secrets of Det-Sen. Top (l-r) Lucy Briers (Jenny Chaplin), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Oli Higson (Victor Chaplin), Sean Biggerstaff (David Campbell), Jonathan Guy Lewis (Marcus Bray), Kerry Gooderson (Pema Tsering). Bottom (l-r), Paul Courtney Hyu (Oddlyāna), Jeremy Ang Jones (Norbu), Lauren Cornelius (Dodo Chaplet) (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Abominable Snowmen

After the Daleks and The Secrets of Det-Sen, released today. Two cover images. After the Daleks shows a tense Susan and David while behind them looms a 60s Dalek. The ruined Big Ben is in the background. Secrets of Det-Sen shows a cyborg Yeti lumbering across a snowy landscape beneath profile images of the Doctor, Steven and Dodo (c) Big Finish Productions

After Daleks Secrets of DetSen Casts