“I’m a Time Lord. I’ve been around, you know. Two Hearts, respiratory bypass system. I haven’t lived seven hundred and fifty years without learning something…”

Jodie Whittaker’s final episode is fast approaching this autumn. BBC Books are marking the event this September with a page-a-day collection of the Doctor’s wisdom, musings and meditations. With a full year between the Thirteenth Doctor’s final episode and the 60th Anniversary, The Daily Doctor’s 365¼ lessons for life will be perfect to keep you inspired and living your best Time Lord life as you wait for the Fourteenth Doctor’s debut.

How do we cope when life gets difficult? What does it mean to succeed, and to fail? Why do we always argue and think the worst? And what’s the best way to make a banana daquiri? Our hero, after hundreds of adventures through scores of years, has all the answers. And at last they’re in the mood for sharing.

The Daily Doctor is a hardback page-a-day guide to life, the universe, and everything, full of Time Lord wit and wisdom. As days turn to weeks turn to months, stay serene with your daily dose of the Doctor. Each day read their inspirational plans, pronouncements and principles that bring order to this chaotic universe. With quotes from Gallifrey’s leading philosopher covering the entire history of the show, as well as colourful stories and commentary, this is your Tao of Doctor Who – 365¼ tips on life and how to live it!

The Time Lord’s musings have been recorded and curated by Steve Tribe, author of The TARDIS Handbook, Companions and Allies, and The Time Traveller’s Almanac, as well as many others.



Doctor Who: The Daily Doctor



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