Doctor Who Series 7 Exterior Packshot

Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series Steelbook. Interior art by Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios Eleventh Doctor Amy Pond Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman Karen Gillan Matt Smith

Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series Steelbook. Cover art by Sophie Cowdrey . The cover is is organized by back cover (left) and front cover (right). The front cover shows the Eleventh Doctor running eagerly forward towars us, flanked by Amy (in white jumper with navy stripes) and Rory in cardigan and shirt, both running forward too, if a bit more fearful looking. Around their feet is a smattering of black cubes with the numbers ‘4’ or ‘3’ on them in alien looking blue writing. Behind them are a Dalek in chains, a Weeping Angel, a neon sign reading ‘Winter Quay’ and the Statue of Liberty in Weeping Angel form. The left side shows Clara, in her red sparkly short dress with short puffed sleeves and a black peter pan collar, tilting her head and looking perplexed and she puts one hand tentatively forward towards us, In front of her is a red leaf, as if blowing in the air, surrounded by a red flame like energy. Behind her left shoulder is the Doctor, in his purple tweed, and behind her left shoulder is the Great Intelligence, in the form of Richard E Grant in wintery Victorian clothes, clutching a snowglobe containing Clara the Victorian barmaid in one leather gloved hand. The Great Intelligence is accompanied by one of his Whispermen (identically dressed to himself but with a blank face featureless except for a ragged toothed maw. Behind them are a Cyberman and an Ice Warrior (both per the 2013 designs) and behind them looms the ancient decaying TARDIS from the graveyards of Trenzalore. The sky behind burns with a fierce sunset. The image is presented as the steelbook itself, open and with the spine between the two images reading ‘BBC Doctor Who The Complete Seventh Series'(c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who Series 7 Steelbook Interior Packshot
Doctor Who Series 7 Steelbook Front Packshot